Keep your teams in sync and projects on track.

People across your organization – and your customers – have shifted from working in office buildings to working from home. Adobe Creative Cloud has some tools to keep your teams aligned, keep clients happy, and get work done digitally.


Appointment Period is 3 December 2020 to 2 December 2021

  1. Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams - 1 User with Cloud Credits
  2. Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams - 10 Users with Cloud Credits


Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria at the point of application:

a) must be a SME

b) must be registered in Singapore

c) must have 30% local shareholding ownership criteria

d) purchase/lease of the equipment must be used in Singapore

e) must not have:

  • Made any payment to a supplier, vendor or third party in relation to the purchase/lease of the equipment
  • Signed any contract with a supplier, vendor or third party in relation to the purchase/lease of the equipment


To apply for the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) , here are the steps take:

  • Get a quotation from Innocom Technologies (pre-approved Vendor)
  • Log on to Business Grants Portal with your corporate pass to apply for the PSG
  • Click here to view the step-by-step guide for application and claim process using BGP.

Please note that support for PSG online collaboration tools are meant for companies that need to implement remote working, but do not have the necessary hardware/software to do so.

If you are submitting a PSG Application, please also note the following:

  1. Select the correct solution name, as per the quotation.
  2. Do indicate the correct total purchase price.
  3. If you are sharing an office with other companies, you will need to declare that you are co-sharing an office location and will not cross share the solution. (attach this declaration as a word/pdf in the PSG application)


Empower creative teams to innovate—whether they're in the office or working remotely—with 20+ industry-leading apps for outstanding design, photography, video, and web, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Spark, and Acrobat Pro. With Creative Cloud, your team can share assets across apps and devices with Creative Cloud Libraries and stay in sync from anywhere. And you can assign licenses quickly with the web-based Admin Console


Work digitally across devices.:

  • Use free PDF tools from a browser to convert Word, Excel, PPT or JPG files to PDFs and for reducing the size of any PDF file.
  • Convert paper to digital with the free Adobe Scan mobile app –it scans paper documents into PDFs and automatically recognizes text.

Collaborate like you’re face to face.

  • Everyone can review and comment on a single document – just send one email with one link to multiple reviewers. They can all access the same PDF.
  • Upload a document that needs to be signed, add the signer’s email address and hit send – Adobe Sign makes it that easy.

Tips for team collaboration.

  • Easily share Creative Cloud documents and works in progress with colleagues and clients thanks to integrations with apps like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Gmail.
  • Share Creative Cloud Libraries to make sure everyone can access the same design assets.

Tips for reviewing and approving creative work

  • Export your design files as PDFs and share them for review – you can even import comments from a PDF review into Adobe InDesign to manage feedback easily.
  • Use videoconferencing tools like Adobe Connect or Microsoft Teams to present your concepts to colleagues and clients, and get real time feedback.

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