The Divine by: jessica HIll

Going to see The Divine I was a little concerned when reading the synopsis. I am generally not a fan of straight plays, I prefer musicals and was not very excited about the story line. After watching the play I was happily surprised by the successful plot that kept my attention the whole time. The show had an amazing message of the importance of theater and realizing that there are many layers to everyones story. Michaud discovers that there are many struggles and hardships in life that are more tragic than he had ever imagined. Through this discovery not only is Michaud awakened by realization that life isn't always easy, the audience takes this journey with him and gain a new perspective about life.

The Constance Theater, University of Florida. By: Jessica Hill

Spatial Experience: Having prior experience in going to the theater, I was a little disappointed upon entering the auditorium. Instead of the audience being a little spread out and casually find our seats, the audience was filled into the seats like we were at a school assembly. The packed auditorium seats prevented me from being comfortable during the show. Having to be herded into the theater put me into a negative mind set. Although, I was very lucky with were my seats ended up being. I got a great view of center stage, enabling me to absorb all of the set and lights. As for the stage, I believe the show would have been more powerful in a smaller setting. With the stage being so big, it seemed that the set was pushing the actors to stay near center stage most of the show taking up most o the stage. Possibly, if they changed the location, the set would be minimized and the show would be broken down to pure emotion. It would be interesting to see how the difference between an auditorium stage and black box theater would make. Overall, going to my seat in the space disappointed me, but once the show was about to start and I really started to notice the set, I was able to put myself in the world of the play. The role of place in the good life is able to bring you comfort, but also growth. For example, when entering the theater I was disappointed in the seating, but I adapted. Learning to compromise and adapt, though you are uncomfortable at first, can help you grow to be a more flexible person. This can play a role in helping one to live a good life.

The Constance Theater, University of Florida. By: Jessica Hill

Social Experience: I attended this performance with my friend which made the experience more enjoyable for me. We are both familiar with theater so we were able to reflect on all aspects of the show. We bonded over what aspects of the show we liked and didn't like, it was interesting to see what all we noticed together. This occasion also forced us to communicate with each other on what time we will be at the theater and were we wanted to meet. Making a plan with someone and sticking to it is an important habit to practice in everyday life. After the show we went out to dinner and got to spend some time together. We got to catch up on each others lives and discuss the show. Sharing an experience with a friend can be a very positive aspect of living the good life. Maintaining friendships and keeping good relationships with people can keep you connected with the world around you. It is also good to have someone whom you can share your life and story with. Sharing this experience with my friend enabled us to share our views on the play while learning about each other.

The Constance Theater, University of Florida. By: Jessica Hill

Cultural and Intellectual Experience: One of the concerns I had about the character Talbot was how his words and his actions were so different. We finally find out why he is such a dark character at the beginning of act two. We further discussed this in the talk back session, Diego (Talbot) brings up the thoughts of whether his character has overcome his struggles and actually believes his religion. At one point in time everyone comes across a time when they question religion even though some societies are built surroundings religion, including the culture in the show. This sparked the thought of how much religion effects not just one person, but whole societies. Another ideal I found to be obvious between the show and the culture we have today is how theater has become a more acceptable practice. In this play religious leaders disapprove of theater and forbids Sarah from performing, today more and more religions are using theater to help tell their stories. The central issue of this play was to show how important theater is to the world. Through theater we share stories and teach lessons that are important for us to experience. Theater is one of the few resources that provokes feelings and emotions from an audience right away. Before seeing the show I know about the controversy with theater, but I didn't know that it was involved with most of the plot. Seeing Sarah's struggle to prove that the arts are important made me realize that she is right. Art influences so much more than we realize and as a society we need to acknowledge that more. Allowing the arts to inspire society and keep us creative can lead some to the good life.

Constant Theater, University of Florida. By: Taylor Hadden

Emotional Experience: Throughout The Divine we are shown a series of uncomfortable situations that make us think twice about life. In showing an audience a difficult situation and then showing how that character reacts allows us as observers to compare. We compare the situation or reactions to our own views and think to ourselves "How would I have handled that?" Theater forces people to witness social injustice and makes them known to the problems in the world. This helps with katharsis because through the process of witnessing injustice, the audience walks away with being more aware of the injustice in there daily lives. Implanting this problem into the audiences head allows them to form opinions on these ideals, and in some cases, educates viewers. Since the audience is more aware, this allows the opportunity for katharsis to create new ideals on our own personal reactions. The Divine taught the audience never to assume and to stand up for what is right, hopefully we can incorporate these lessons into our everyday lives. This will lead many individuals to experience the good life.

Constance Theater, University of Florida. By: Jessica Hill

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