Cheerleading in the Preseason Claire Lowney and Haley Palmer

Mesocycle goal: learn a new tumbling pass (backhand spring)
Mesocycle plan: achieve weekly goals to work towards the main goal by completing a series of microcycles (3 weeks, 3 microcycles)
Microcycle Plan:
Week 1

Week 1 goal: do backhandspring with a spot

Time: 1 hour for 6 days- 2 days of conditioning, 4 days of drills/practice

Conditioning: crunches, plank, leg lifts, push ups

Reasoning: back handsprings require core strength to snap legs over and arm strength to execute safely

Drills/practice: backbends, handstand snap downs, attempt with a spot on a trampoline, mat, and finally the floor

Week 2

Week 2 goal: do backhandspring on an inclined mat

Time: 1 hour for 6 days, 2 days of conditioning, 4 days of drills/practice

Conditioning: Russian twists, mountain climbers, squats, straight jumps reasoning: back handsprings require core strength to snap legs over and leg strength to give power to the back handspring

Drills/practice: back bend kick-over, spot on the floor and incline mat, and by yourself on a trampoline, and finally attempt on an inclined mat by yourself

Week 3

Week 3 goal: do it by yourself

1 hour for 6 days a week, 1 day of conditioning, 5 days of practice

Conditioning: calf raises, push ups, crunches

rationale: back handsprings require technique i.e. pointed toes (calf raises), arm and ab strength is also necessary (see above)

Drills/practice: backwalk overs, spot on the floor, alone on an inclined mat and trampoline, and finally attempt alone on the floor

Justification of the mesocycle for preseason

Because the goal of the mesocycle is to learn a new skill, it fits best in preseason. Preseason is focused on conditioning the body and learning new skills rather than maintaining skills or improving skills. Because the back handspring is a new skill, it would be learned in the preseason.

Outline of the mesocycle in relation to the macrocycle

To the athlete, the performance season is the most important phase of the macro cycle. Taking time to develop new skills, like a back handspring, in the preseason increases the level of performance in the competition season and allows the athlete to work on even more advanced skills in the post season and next macro cycle. Learning a back handspring (mesocycle) in the preseason will benefit the athlete in the rest of the macro cycle and future macro cycles.


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