Dreams By A-A-Ron rodriguez

Universal theme:Dreams are a great goal but never loose sight of what's right and what's wrong

Big question???

What do authors try to teach us about society and dreams?

Of mice and men

In the book "Of mice and men" the author tries to teach us we are gonna have to make tough decisions in life for the greater good.

"And George raised the gun and steadied it and he brought the muzzle close to the back of his head. The hand shook violently, but his face set and his hand steadied. He pulled the trigger. The crash rolled up and down the hills. Lennie jarred and then settled slowly forward to the sand and he lay without quivering."

What this means is George had to ill lennie in order to make sure he doesn't get an even worst punishment. He did the right thing by making sure his friend died in peace

The necklace

Another story is "the necklace" in the story Mathilde loisel try's to be a higher class and where all kinds of expensive things and she borrows a diamond necklace and loses it she spends 10 years of labor to make it up.

"Yes I've had a hard time since last seeing you. And plenty of misfortunes and all on account of you… I brought you another just like it. And we've been paying it for ten years now. You can imagine that wasn't easy for us who had nothing… my poor Mathilde but mine was only paste."

The author teaches us that we should be happy with what we have and not try to be something we're not. It also teaches us we shouldn't get lost in making our dream to come true.

Another real life example is in the movie Leo and stitch

In the movie stitch try's to leave earth but is suck on the islands of Hawaii. On his journey he meets Leo and creates a very strong bond with here and soon learns that family is important and nothing else comes before them.

What this means is that no matter ur dream never loose sight of what's wrong and what's right and In this case never loose sight of your family.

So what?

Now what all this means is that we should have goals in life but never be caught up in the dream and forget what's really important. So in life you should do your best in what you do. Even if you do have to make tough decisions. Another important things is to not loose sight in what's right and try to be something we're not. And the last thing is never loose what's really important to you which is family.


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