American Freedom For All By shawn hughes

America is the land of freedom and has beautiful pictures, but politically we aren't the best.
The city with the most foreign-born is Los Angeles, California which leaves it to be one of the most diverse cities in the world.
At our country's capitol, nothing is equal, especially with our new president's beliefs...
Donald Trump is the 45th President. His opinions are not the easiest to agree with and has many offensive remarks and so our country could in fact be in danger.
HELP! American citizens can not get the help they want or need because our laws do not benefit everyone. Whether it is the color of your skin or who you love, there will always be restrictions and inequality within our country.
Recently, Donald Trump quickly made a law for people from certain Eastern countries are not allowed to enter the United States. Even if they are already there currently because of their nationality.

^^Above is video on Donald Trump's view on immigration.^^

Crime is exponential in all the United States. According to newly updated FBI records, "The violent crime category includes murder, rape (revised definition), rape (legacy definition), robbery, and aggravated assault. The number of property crimes in the United States from January to June of 2016 decreased 0.6 percent when compared with data for the same time period in 2015."
Many people are exonerated for crimes because of their skin color or people who are guilty are rich and buy themselves out. Our justice system is broken because of this, over 20,000 supposed convicts are in jail for crimes they didn't execute. 1 in every 25 on death row are more than likely innocent.
As a country, we contain the highest prison population in the world, yet people still want to come here. Why?
People constantly want to come to the U.S. due to its history. Almost all of the current United States population are immigrants. Even the name of the United States was made by immigrants. Those who want to prevent new members from coming over are ignorant, this brings us to the wall idea...
The "wall idea" is an idea made from Donald Trump to prevent new immigrants from entering the United States as a control method. Oblivious to the history, he is an immigrant himself. Which isn't fair to new immigrants because they don't get the abilities of what is commonly called an U.S citizen.
In conclusion, as great as it may seem, the United States isn't that great. Our laws don't benefit everyone, immigration issues still rising, and our incarceration rates are out of control (even the ones wrongly convicted), yet it is our only option for ourselves. All the cards are on the table, so what is Trump's move?


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