Customer Care in the Sport Industry seminar five

In this weeks lecture we discussed how a good quality management system will ensure that two important requirements are met: the customer’s requirements and the organisation requirements. In addition to this we identified how providers of excellent customer service within the leisure industry base their service on competitive elements such as: Quality, Reliability, Delivery and Price.

In order to provide excellent customer service, quality must be at the heart of an organisations culture. Failure to meet the requirements in any part of a quality chain has a way of multiplying.A failure in one part of the system then creates problems elsewhere leading to more failure. The price of quality is the continual examination of the customer requirements and the organisations ability to meet them.

In task one of this weeks seminar you are to chose an organisation of your choice in the public, private or voluntary sector in sport and identify any barriers and problems that they face when managing quality. Using the RATER model discuss how the organisation can provide service quality. You can use the example RATER model on the learnzone page to help you with this.

In the second part of this weeks seminar you are to read through the article on the Virgin brand and provide a 500 word discussion on the following:

  • Identify the key factors that help this organisation achieve quality customer care within their services.
  • How is the organisation delivering good customer service based on the competitive elements of quality, reliability, delivery and price?

Please submit you answers to the task through the turnitin link in week 3 of the module on the learnzone page.

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