John Wycliffe Primary School newsletter - 12th October 2020

Parents Evening is 13th-15th October 2020.. Parents evening will be carried out via Zoom or Telephone Call. Appointments were sent out on Friday. If you are unable to make the time given, please contact the school office and they will endeavour to provide an alternative time.

News from the Local Governing Body

After 3 years of giving his support and guidance, Mr Mick Curtis has stood down as chair of JWPS Local Governing Body. He has supported the school well and holds JWPS close to his heart. A firm believer in education for all and the benefits of a broad and rich curriculum, we are pleased to say that Mr Curtis will remain on the Governing Body to continue to ensure children at JWPS get the very best education. Mr Curtis is handing over the reins to Mrs Vanessa Lea, who has a background in education and has been on the JWPS Local Governing Body for 2 years. A big thank you to Mr Curtis from all of the JWPS family.

Covid-19 updates

To help minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19 and keep our children and staff safe, please wear a mask or face covering whilst on the school grounds. This is something that all schools in Leicestershire have been asked to request parents/carers to do . We are fortunate to have had no confirmed cases of Covid-19 so far and we want it to remain that way for as long as possible.

We have closed the gazebo off as parents are gathering in there and not observing 2m distancing.

Please also try to uphold 2m distance when talking to the class teacher or a member of staff. We appreciate your support in this matter.

For KS2 families, please enter via the school car park but leave via Millennium Way as this avoids a bottle-neck at the car park gate. Thanks.

Email: covid19@jwps.uk if you have any questions or want to report a confirmed case in your family.


Braiswick photographers will be here on Tuesday 27th October to take individual photos & group photos of siblings within the school only. As full school uniform is required, there will be no PE sessions or Forest Schools on that day.


Parking …… We are receiving a lot of complaints regarding parking outside the school. At JWPS, we have no jurisdiction outside of the school grounds but will pass on any photos/registrations of vehicles that are parked in a way that could cause children harm. (such as in these photos).

Examples of inconsiderate parking that poses a risk of safety for JWPS children and families.

Work of the week

October 9th 2020

Parents look out for an email from Mrs Njoroge

  • Dates for your diary:
  • Parents Evening October 13th, 14th and 15th
  • Half Term is 19th-23rd October
  • individual Photos - Tuesday 27th October (for children at school only)

Changes to school dinners

From 26th October, school dinners will return to something a little more ‘normal’. The children will be offered full hot dinners from the previous menu - starting on Week 2 (see below)

For KS 2, hot dinners will be served in Bagasse boxes, which is a biodegradable material, and will be delivered to and eaten in the classroom. EYFS/Y1/Y2 will be able to eat at the tables in the dining hall.