Who we are... Allow us to introduce ourselves

MISSION STATEMENT: Our goal is to continuously allow artists, through all forms of media, to introduce themselves to the world by showing their opinions, struggles, interests and differences are more alike than not and are as creative and various as the stars in the universe.

Here at VARIOUS ARTISTS we agree that in order to fully understand the common problems of the artists from around the world you have to be one of them.

Zohra on the set of one of her many independent productions.

Chicago-born film producer, director, and actor Zohra Hasta graduated with a B.S. in Engineering from Bradley University, Peoria, IL. Zhora loves to produce, consult, and program several different genres of films and subsequent film festivals across the country. Endowed with an abundance of energy and an insatiable lust for learning, Zohra is always on the lookout for new and exciting creative endeavors to sink her teeth into.

Her work schedule is happily hectic, but when she’s not studying lines or is immersed in a project, she can be seen tooling around town on her motorcycle or attending her favorite yoga class. And she never, ever, misses a Chicago Cubs game.

Omar directing a web series pilot from one of the screenplays he's written.
Omar McClinton is a member in good standing with both the Producers Guild of America...
and the Visual Effects Society!

Omar began his film career as an actor working in television commercials. Soon after he fell in love with writing screenplays. In 1996 he moved to Los Angeles to what he thought would be the start of his professional career. When his development deal ‘fell through’ he literally worked his way up from the mailroom of Universal Studios. Soon after he worked on various television series and eventually worked his way into visual effects where in 2000 he became co-owner of his own vfx company.

Since then, Omar returned to his first love and began producing radio, film and television projects across the country. Omar uses the knowledge and experience he’s accumulated to form his own production company VariousArtistsTV. His goal is to attempt to better the career experience for the next generation by affording them an honest, better and easier path to success.

Zernul singing lead vocals for one of his many songs with his band.

Few artists have created a body of work as rich, varied and vibrant as Zernul R. Shackelford Jr. Zernul (pronounced Zer-nyal) started playing music at a young age. He has become a musical one-man tour de force, playing all of the instruments in his songs. He’s invested his talent into becoming an accomplished musician and film and television composer. Having been in several bands, he is now lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and lyricist for Chicago based Heavy Metal band 3 Days From Dying.

Adding to his accomplishments Zernul joined Independent Production and Distribution Company VariousArtists.TV. This endeavor has given Zernul an opportunity to fulfill yet another talent he’s been nurturing, Writing and Producing. But the addition of filmmaking has not diluted the drive that he has for his music. Zernul feels that his best composition work has yet to be heard. Having many other television and feature projects on his plate he strives to provide the best he can every time.

Robert, when not working on social media, continues to gain experience with cameras and photography.

Robert Parsons II was born in Delaware. He started his career in the Steel industry helping reconstruct the new World Trade Center before moving into the entertainment industry. Robert became an audio engineer for large concerts and special events on the east coast before moving into the independent film industry. Robert splits his time between Various Artists TV and his own social media marketing company Buzz To It.

Most people say they will help others 'AFTER they make it' but all of us here at VARIOUS ARTISTS agree, we're going to do the best we can for each other ever step of the way.

Feb.1, 2016 Zernul R. Shackelford Jr. and Omar McClinton create Various Artists TV.com an internet network filled with programming from only independent filmmakers from around the world.

VATV is divided into channels that cover music videos, to Comedies, Dramas, Foreign Films and Horror.

VATV is also home to 'Original Programming' where webisodes are designed to meet the need of today's mobile viewer on the go, to not only entertain but enlighten and share with others.

August 1, 2016 Zohra Hasta heads the group and forms VAiFF, the Various Artists independent Film Festival. The group takes the festival concept to another level by solving problems for the Indy filmmaker left by other festivals...

No 2 year expiration date. A project could have been completed before the 24 month deadline and still be eligible for inclusion.

Judges are real industry professionals. The judges selecting the final winners have 2 Academy Awards and made a combined total of over $13 Billion dollars at the box office and are still making movies to date.

The festival is a full year long! If filmmakers are in the middle if their project, they still have time to complete it and submit before a deadline.

Finally, they are in control! Viewers from all over the world go to the website and vote for their favorite film. The film with the most positive votes wins the nomination and gets the opportunity to be judged by our festival judges.

October 1, 2016 VATV does for musicians what it had only done for filmmakers until then. VA Radio is launched on both iTunes and Sound Cloud as both a series of podcasts of the VATV original content as well as an outlet for up and coming musicians looking to build an audience.

January 1, 2016 It's been 11 months since the inception of the Various Artists brand. The entrepreneurial spirit is not that much different than the drive of an artists to create something that could change the world'

Last year we started at the bottom. Robert Parsons II is using his influence and knowledge to help combine and grow the brand and in the near future make it a social media entity to be reckoned with.

We have big dreams for the future. We can only go up from here. Follow us... and enjoy the ride.

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