Mixing a career with creativity and fun An Introduction to Caitlin Newton

What makes me unique as a prospective employee?

This is a question that I have thought about for many years, but through a plethora of self-reflection completed recently, I think I've finally found the answer.

I have identified many strengths within myself, the best of which being creativity, adaptability, being hard-working, honesty, open-mindedness and compassion. I believe possessing these skills has helped me immensely when thinking about my future career, applying for jobs, as well as helping me along the path of being a double degree student (Business - Advertising Major and Media and Communication). Skills I need to work on, include confidence and the ability to assert myself in every day life/university life/work life.

Some of the core values that I pride myself on include calmness, independence, intelligence and understanding. These values have quite specific meanings to me. For example, to me, calmness means being at peace within myself as well as being able to use my calming personality in a variety of situations, intelligence means having an understanding and being knowledgeable about a variety of subjects as well as the constant want to learn new things, independence means having the ability to do things for myself and by myself, only asking for help when it's absolutely necessary and understanding means having the ability to listen to others from a variety of backgrounds, being open-minded and not judging anyone for what they do or where they come from. Causes that I would connect these values to include working with people from disadvantaged backgrounds, animal welfare groups, people involved in the arts or people who work with women's groups or the LGBT+ community. I believe the values I possess would prove to be helpful when connecting with these causes, as well as when thinking about my future career.

My passions include photography, writing, spending time with family and friends, exploring new areas in my own city, interstate and overseas. I mainly enjoy these activities as hobbies, however, I have genuine interest in these things and some of which I would like to pursue further in my career (writing, photography and exploration). The type of organisation I could see myself working in is one where I can be creative as well as being able to showcase what I have learnt as a Business and Media and Communications student. Advertising/marketing agencies and media groups are the types of places where I believe I would be able to mix my knowledge and creativity in one place, allowing myself to follow the path I would like to be on.

My path has been clearly defined since I was 15 (I'm 22 now). I have faced a numerous obstacles along the way but I strongly believe I am on the track to reaching my goals and finding my dream career. At the moment, working as hard as I can on my degree, finishing uni and looking for an internship in the advertising/marketing industry are my main focuses. Whilst I don't have much experience under my belt, I'm always open to learning and trying new things. A few notable jobs I have had in the past include working at a local fish and chip shop, working in retail and working as a florist's assistant. Through these experiences I have learnt how to manage my time, work in fast-paced environments and how to think on my feet, all of which are skills I can use moving forward.

My main goals for my future career are to work in a field I am truly passionate about, the ability to further develop my skills and knowledge in the advertising/media field and to be happy in wherever it is I end up. I hope to be able to connect my strengths, values and passions into my career and further define my purpose in life along the way.


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