Soccer injuries By Jose Barrios

Alex comes out onto the field he comes in for Nick in the second half. Alex is one of the best in the league. The second half starts and Alex has possession and he runs with the ball passes it to Lucas and he controls the ball and passes it back, but before the ball touches Alex’s foot one of the defenders from the other team comes with a strong tackle and hits Alex with his cleat right on the ankle and he falls hard and in a bad way and he hears a crack, he is injured badly. Would you want your child to get hurt? This story shows the reader that youth sports have a lot of problems, and several common injuries happen to players from playing soccer, read to learn how to prevent common soccer injuries and learn about some people who had injuries and how they overcame them.

Common soccer injuries

Soccer involves a lot of running and strong and powerful kicks plus very hard tackles to defend and for these reasons a lot of kids and professional players get injured. Some common injuries are sprains, sprains occur when you play soccer and you twist your foot. Some other types of common injuries are muscle strain they happen in three different ways the first way is a muscle contracts hard against resistance, the second ways involve pulling a muscle excessively at a specific angle and direction, the third way involves the contraction of a muscle excessively when it is not prepared to contract. ¨ we certainly don't like seeing more kids getting hurt, but if one of the reasons more kids are getting hurt is because they are out there, playing and exercising, then that’s a good thing¨ Scott sailor said the president of the national Athletic trainer Association.

How to prevent them

There are many ways kids could get good benefits without the injuries. Some injuries that we need to prevent are sprains, some ways to prevent them is to always check the conditions of the field before you start to play. Focusing on strength training, use of adequate protective foams and padding, and properly fitted footwear can be important ways to prevent injuries. Ways to prevent other injuries like fractures, is to wear protective gear (shin guards) with adequate foam padding which can absorb energy is vital for injury prevention. A lot of players these days get a lot of head injuries because they header the ball most of the time because they have to make the goal, so some ways to prevent head injuries from occurring is to strengthen your neck muscles using appropriate exercises can provide adequate preparation for heading. It also helps to use your hand to provide resistance against your head. Neck muscles may be used to turn your head right, left, forward, and backward. A fitted mouth guard may be quite important to protecting your mouth and teeth. Protective eyewear can also provide much needed protection to this vulnerable area.

people who overcame injuries

One of the people who had injuries and overcame them was Neymar Jr he is one of the best soccer players in the world. He broke his back when he was playing in Brazil against Colombia in the world cup, he had a lot of back treatment so he could get back on the field and play. Eventually he got better and started playing again. Another player who had an injury was Cristiano Ronaldo he is also one of the best soccer players in the world, he had a injury when someone elbowed him in the eye and he was bleeding so much, these are the injuries that rarely happen a lot of other players rip a ligament and they have to get treatment for it and rarely soccer players DIE.

WHy injuries happen

Some injuries occur when a player does not like another player and he just starts playing dirty, and sometimes players take the game too far and hurt other players on purpose. Also, players get injured because of the field,they’re playing on, sometimes it's slippery and people slip and might sprain or break their ankles. These reasons cause players to get injured.

This was mostly showing you that soccer have a lot of problems and that a lot of players and kids get injured, because of the people who take the game too far and because of the conditions of the field, they’re play on.


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