Day in the life of Adam Wik A young Creator's dream in the making By: adam Stump

Adam enjoying playing a game of Galatune, the game he created with the public at a convention. This is a more smaller convention than some he has been to but every convention counts as the launch date of his game draws ever closer on April 15. As of now he as over 50 conventions booked.

Adam and Candace, his wife about to play their cards in the game. Candace is new to the gaming culture while Adam has more experience. Even with limited understanding she supports him through his project.

Adam providing some clarification on a card. Its early in the morning still as people come in to try the latest tabletop games at this local convention.

The player was very interested after playing the game she pre-ordered the game on the spot. He is always looking for new customers and new fans.

Wifi problems and card reader smartphone attachments issues are all factors that effect deals for a mobile businessman.

Top: Adam waits and promotes his game early at the convention. More people slowly come in. Right: Adam checks on his emails seeing that T-shirts and stickers are on the way to his apartment. slowly his inventory is coming in. Left: "camping out at out booth from 9 to midnight and sneaking away when customers are gone to like run to the bathroom and grab junk food." Adam describes life as a vender at a convention "It's kind of like camping."

Adam works out of his apartment, following his dream and taking a big risk for a recently married man. "This is a crazy risk to take right now." he said "Some months its hard, it means like I guess its on a ramen noddle diet today."

He is very optimistic from winning Wright State events giving him funds to help him start out to having a successful Kickstarter campaign, Adam main drive is not money but the experience. "At the end of the day its a project about passion." Adam mentions. "I really survive on seeing the joy with a new gamer sitting down and really having a good time."

Adam works hard day in and day out to make his dream come true. Though he doesn't have a office and is new to the business side of table top gaming, he finds a way to make it happen.

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