Attendance 2020/2021

At Mapplewell Primary School we recognise the importance good attendance has on pupils education and well-being.

COVID-19 lockdown will have inevitably had some impact on children whether it be academic, socially or emotionally and therefore we believe now more than ever it is crucial that all pupils attend school everyday.

Recent announcements from the Prime Minister hugely stress the importance of returning to school, highlighting how the return to school in September is vital for children’s education, welfare, physical and mental well-being.

The Chief Medical Officer has also recently stressed that a lack of schooling increases inequalities, reduces the life chances of children and can exacerbate physical and mental health issues.

We’re in this together!

We truly believe partnership between home and school is the key to a successful re-opening. Let’s work together to ensure the re-opening is a happy experience for all and that children leave school each day with beaming smiles and come running back in the following morning with energy and enthusiasm to learn more!

What are we doing to support your child’s return to school?

We understand that some families may still have concerns about the full re-opening of school in September but we hope recent communication has eased some of these anxieties and that you can see we have worked tirelessly to reduce risk and ensure school is a safe place for pupils and staff.

The safety and well-being of all is our number one priority, please see below the link to our Key Information Document which highlights the new school day and what measures have been put in place to keep pupils, parents/carers and staff safe.

We have also...
  • Over the summer holidays teachers have been working hard preparing engaging lessons to excite your child in their learning when they return to school in September.
  • New Class Twitter pages have been set up for you to follow and see the learning taking place each day.
  • A tailored Recovery Curriculum has been planned to ensure gaps in core skills and knowledge are addressed and pupils make speedy progress.
  • PSHE will be prioritised in all classrooms, allowing opportunities for pupils to reflect, talk and enhance their own well-being.
  • Plan to continue to build positive relations with families and will be available each day for a quick chat or arrange a time for a more formal meeting.
  • Staff have also worked on developing the school environment, creating stimulating learning environments for pupils to learn, creatively reinforcing our school values throughout the whole school and enticing pupils back into reading through the development of a magical woodland theme (if you’re excited to see this, keep your eyes peeled for our school tour to be released later this week!).
What can you do to support your child’s return to school?

Firstly, talk to us! Your child’s class teacher will be present on the playground everyday. If you have any worries or questions talk to them - we want to help!

What you can do to help at home...

Talk to your child each evening about:

  • What they have learnt in school.
  • What friends have they made, who did they play with.
  • What new skills / knowledge they have learnt and how can they apply this.
  • How are they feeling and why.
  • Why it is important to come to school and what opportunities they have in life.
What you can do to help at home...
  • Make sure your child knows when bedtime is and stick to it.
  • Establish a bedtime routine and include story time!
  • Set an alarm and give yourselves plenty of time to get organised and ready for the day.
  • Have breakfast!
  • Talk to your child about school expectations.
  • Be punctual, every minute at school counts!
  • Work with us - teamwork makes the dream work.

We have recently revised our incentives towards good attendance and this year we will be celebrating the attendance of pupils who achieve 100% and our school target of 97%

Tokens and Prizes

At the end of each term pupils who achieve either 97% or 100% attendance will receive a silver or gold token to be used in our attendance prize shop! Pupils will be given the opportunity to spend their token by swapping it for one of the prizes on show OR if they receive a gold token have the chance to save it towards a £10 voucher at the end of the school year! Children who collect 3 gold tokens (100% attendance every term) can save each one and swap it for their voucher in the Summer Term!

Silver Token prizes will include....

Gold token prizes will include

Save 3 gold tokens and get a £10 Meadowhall Voucher!

Summer prizes!

We have identified a trend with poor attendance usually being in the summer term when some families decide to take a holiday in term time. As a further incentive to keep your attendance high during the summer months our prizes this month will be extra special!

Weekly Class Attendance

We will continue to promote good attendance through our weekly Celebration Assembly. Class attendance will be recognised and good attendance rewarded. Classes who achieve our target of 97% will receive a pass for 30 minutes off curriculum the following week, the children will decide together what they want to do in this time, for example, DVD, colouring, team games, outdoor play etc. The class with the highest attendance each week will also receive our attendance cake!

Attendance Advent

This will take place throughout December, all pupils with 100% attendance will be entered into the daily draw, one pupil will be drawn out each day and win a prize. This will take place every day on the run up to the Christmas break. The more you attend the more chance you have of winning a prize!

Praise postcards and texts

Mrs Padfield will celebrate good attendance and keep you informed of how pleased she is through post cards and texts.

Parent/carer Prize

We know the difficulties of getting children to school on time every day and therefore have decided to reward parents who are punctual every single day! Each term children who are on time to school every day will be entered into a prize draw but this time it won’t be the child winning - it will be you! One parent/carer who has got their child into school on time every day for a full term will we in with the chance of winning a £20 Meadowhall voucher! Get those alarm clocks set!

Final point to remember...

School is compulsory, your child MUST attend, failure to comply and poor attendance does have consequences. If we have concerns regarding your child’s attendance we will follow school policy and procedure, this may include:

  • Home visits
  • Involvement of Educational Welfare Services
  • Attendance Meetings
  • Fines!

Enjoy the final few days of the summer holiday, try to get back into a routine of bedtime and early mornings and talk to your child about returning to school.

I look forward to seeing you all soon

Mrs Padfield