Why can't dogs eat chocolate? by: Taylor

Why can’t dogs eat chocolate?

it contains theobromine , Theobromine is an like caffeine to does. Dogs, however, don't have what humans have to fight off Thorbromine. As a result, theobromine can overstimulate the central nervous and cardiovascular systems in dogs, leading to increased blood pressure, vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pains, seizures, and even death.

What are toxic and lethal doses?

Theobromine in a dose of 100-200 mg/kg can kill 50 percent of the dogs who have eaten chocolate.

What are some symptoms if you don’t know that you dog ate chocolate?

Symptoms of a dog eating chocolate is vomiting, diarrhea, increased water consumption and urination. And this can be seen after eating a lot of chocolate.

There is little that can be done for the dog, particularly at home, to treat the theobromine poisoning once it’s in the dog’s bloodstream. Thus, the general methods of treatment tend to be ways to try to stop the consumed theobromine from reaching the bloodstream. These include:

1.Inducing vomiting in the dog immediately, which helps remove much of the chocolate.

2.After that, try to get the dog to eat a small amount of activated charcoal, which binds to the theobromine and keeps it from entering the bloodstream.

3.Try to get the dog to consume as much water as possible to keep them hydrated.

4.At the vet, certain drugs can be used to help the dog survive, such as anti-convulsants, which can help if the dog is having seizures.


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