Malaysia perspective and international perspectives in conservation and management challenges for sustainable forest.

Issues on forest management and the sustainability of the world's forest have been widely deliberately in recent years.Malaysia already have systematically management for ecologically and environmentally forest conservation and management.This managements practices have been develop to ensure forest renewal and sustainable yield of timber and other products.There are many ways to conserve forest in malaysia.Firstly, the creation of permanent forest estates is to ensure that there will be substantial natural forest cover to maintain the quality of forest.For further conserve various forests and ecological type in their original condition.Malaysia already set virgin forest also known as virgin Jungle Reserves were established to serve as permanent nature reserves.This forest also to contol for companing harvested and sivilculturally treated forests and as undistrubed natural forests for general ecological study.Next,the protection forests within the permanent forest estates already classified as soil protection forests,flood control forest and water catchment.Furhermore,two watersheds management research programmes have been initiated to provide hydrological data in different types of land use.For example,the national programme for experimental and representative basins and the forest hydrological and conservation programme which are wide range and multi dicipline in concept and approach.In addition,there also controlled to minimise damage by carefully harvest.The effect of harvesting operations on soil erosion and sedimentation on river systems are being controlled by the enforcement of regulations and guidelines for logging operations.Malaysia has also recognized the urgent need to conserve genetic resources of endangered forest tree species and is currently undertaking a project on in situ conservation of forest genetics resources.This project can assess the stocking and distribution of species for effective resources conservation.Permanent forest estate for proper and effective management of forest resources as a Malaysia forest model have a goal that is for maintain of a gealthy forest ecosystems and to ensure renewable qnd sustainable source of economic and ecological benefits.while international ways to conserve forest by planning.proper planning at all levels is an essential component in manage sustainable forest.Next, criteria and indicators.This criteria have been developed for the sustainable management of natural tropical to provide leadership in their review and improvement.Next,reduced impact logging by promoting careful harvesting to reduce environmental impact and improve forestry by promoting the management of tropical forest with or by local communities.Then,forest fire management by working to reduce the risks to tropical forests posed by fire.Next,forest law enforcement by assisting members for combal illegal logging and illegal trade.Biodiversity and trans boundary conservation by conserving biodiversity in trans boundary parks and through better harvesting practices in production forest.In addition,mangroves by promoting the sustainable use and conservation of mangrove ecosystems also restoration and plated forests by restoring degraded natural forest and establishing productive plantations.Lastly,malaysia is aware of the need to manage sustainable its forests,not only for socio economic benefits but also for elimatic,ecological and environmental stability.

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