ASOS What makes it tick?

What is (AsSeenOnScreen), a British online clothing store and brand, came to life in 2000 thanks to the combined forward-looking brainpower of Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths. Today, it remains the largest online clothing store retailer in the UK, with 13.4 million current active users. They mainly target young adults, both male and female.

ASOS has a variety of styles of clothing, ranging from causal to chic to in-style, for both men and women of all shapes and sizes.

ASOS Social Media Presence

ASOS can be considered as great example for a company that uses social media to increase its productivity and efficacy by mainly connecting with their customers.

First, on their homepage, viewers can observe and visit the links to their social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn with the intention that they will share pictures of the ides on the social media.

Due to the necessity of keeping their marketing renewed to create a better relationship with their customers and have a higher impact on them, they’ve build a strong presence in the social media.
It's Facebook page is considered one of the most popular related to merchandizing brands with more than 3.5 million fans. In this social network, they promote new sales, items showed on ASOS. com and articles from their blog and online magazine.
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In some of these posts, they use famous people or they encourage viewers to get involved.
They have an active presence on Twitter having approximately 1'000'000 followers in their main global fashion official page.
They have various accounts for different markets. For example, they have Twitter pages for ASOS in different locations such as ASOS US or ASOS ES; and different departments like ASOS Fashion Finder, ASOS Greenroom, or ASOS Menswear. Moreover, they have a customer maintenance page called @ASOS HeretoHelp, generated to maintain a positive image by helping their unhappy customers segregated.
SOS focus on giving a more personal connection with their clienteles giving their experience of what is happening “behind the scenes” at “ASOS Studio”

ASOS Mobile App

ASOS is notorious and famous for it's purely online presence.

Through their free mobile app, the user has access to the exact same content and features as on the website, however formatted in a convenient manner to fit the small phone/tablet screen.

In ASOS' case, the mobile app has greatly aided sales

In fact, in October of 2016, ASOS reported a 26% rise in sales and mainly attributes it to their mobile app. According to CEO Nick Beighton,

“We now have more than 10m active installs of our app, with 7.5m new downloads during the financial year. On average, ASOS customers shop on the app eight times a month, spending more than 70 minutes online during that time. As a result, 66% of traffic now comes from mobile devices and 51% of orders are now being placed on our mobile platforms.”

The reason why is because this boom happened only last year (2016) and not before is because ASOS completely remodelled their Android and iOS app from scratch. Users now benefit from a cleaner, more modern homepage design, as well as as improved image quality and the new "Catwalk function", which shows a short video of a model wearing the product on a catwalk. For iPhone 6S and higher, there is an integrated 3D touch feature too.

Android users benefit from all of the above, with the surplus of having location-based purchases and website access, meaning that there is no longer a need for third-party proxy's to change the language, rendering the customer experience far more responsive.

ASOS Your Wardrobe App

ASOS additionally has an app for it's ASOS Marketplace venture, ASOS Your Wardrobe. ASOS Marketplace consists of a catalogue of independent clothes designers from across the globe as well as vintage boutiques, making it like an online version of a vintage second hand store or flea-market. ASOS Your Wardrobe enables users to save items from these independent designers and vintage boutiques into sets, allowing them to piece together outfits all within one app.


SaaS platforms warehouse management, stock control and distribution systems.


To maintain Customer Relationship Management well, ASOS is using Smart-FOCUS which is an international marketing software company with more than 300 worldwide customers that empowers marketers with the intelligence to drive high performance multi-channel campaigns and customer relationships.

Smart-Focus mainly focus on sales and marketing strategies focusing on strategies like advertising campaigns, customer magazines and press events.
The main goal is to manage their marketing plan to increase the number of customers and to encourage the existing ones to spend more. With Smart-Focus they are proving customer relationship management tools that support strategic plans using information to profile customers accurately.

As the CRM Manager of ASOS said:

“The implementation of the smart-FOCUS software/application will provide ASOS with a robust and easy to manage solution to facilitate our ambitious marketing strategy and plans and continue to achieve our goal of a truly customer-centric business. By allowing us to understand our customer preferences, we can improve customer interaction and enhance the whole ASOS experience from beginning to end.”


As the ASOS CEO said: “Online-only retailers have caused a revolution in the supply-chain business, pushing up standards in order to keep customers coming back.”

To maintain the supply chain management well ASOS is using systems as EDI which is an electronic communication method that provides exchanging data and RFID that is the radio waves to read and capture information stored.

ASOS is using the radio frequency network RFID for warehouse management and other web-based applications to decide the optimal routes for order deliveries. With this measures, they have improved their efficiency by 80%.

For ASOS to be successful they need to focus on the organization’s goal which is based on the fulfillment of the orders among the five continents.

MetaPack - eCommerce delivery management software

Single interface to carriers and services. Integrated to over 400 carriers and 4,000 services, enabling the warehouse to process parcels for any carrier service around the world, with full labelling and documentation

Top warehouse management system & transportation management system

Warehouse management (wms)

  1. Interfacing RedPrairie's Warehouse Management to warehouse automation technologies is largely done with configuration settings and the RedPrairie's Integrator (EAI system). Without code changes, WM interfaces with material handling equipment (MHE), sort directors, put to light equipment, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and all forms of auto identification methods.
  2. RedPrairie's WM is ideal for high volume 24 by 7 operations.
  3. RedPrairie's SOA platform streamlines new WMS deployments and simplifies the introduction of new applications that need to share events and information with WMS.
  4. RedPrairie's WM is not only full featured, covering warehouse management best practices, it is also visionary, pushing frontiers in WMS best practices.

Transportation management systems (TMS)

  • The core multimodal TMS product covers the primary functions of planning, execution, tracking and settlement; addressing relatively complex requirements.
  • RedPrairie offers competitive solutions in three transportation domains: multimodal planning, execution, tracking and settlement; asset/dedicated fleet routing and scheduling; and multi-carrier parcel manifesting.
  • With RedPrairie's breadth of leading edge software products that tightly integrate with their TMS offering, they are well positioned as one of the handful of leaders in fully integrated supply chain execution convergence.



Merret : Omnichannel supply chain.
  • Merret provides a complete end-to-end solution, with a central stock pool and single view of stock, allowing retailers to maximise trade across numerous customer facing systems.
  • They're dedicated fulfilment engine ensures that stock is intelligently sourced from the most appropriate place, to provide the best possible customer service.
  • Their Weekly Sales Stock and Intake (WSSI), is a vital tool for in-season planning within stock management. The WSSI tool within Merret provides an accurate weekly position of sales, stock and planned intake, ensuring that crucial allocation, replenishment and pricing decisions are made, from up to date and correct information.


Oracle Retail: integrate retail suite of applications focusing on 3 divisions: 1Merchandise Operation Management (MOM), 2 Supply Chain management ( SCM), 3 Integrated Store Operations (ISO).
  • Product management,
  • Order management
  • Inventory management
  • Planning
  • Market analysis
  • Price management
  • Customer support
  • Supply chain management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Gl/ finance accounting.
It is using Hadoop to mine customer buying patterns from its large quantities of data


It is using Hadoop to mine customer buying patterns from its large quantities of data.

The Apache Hadoop software library is a framework that allows for the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. It is designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines, each offering local computation and storage.

Use of Price Optimization using a real-time stock system that allows visibility for both the customer and the firm, which in turn allows for flexibility of prices in response to demand.

ASOS Cloud Computing

The issue of scaling ASOS' internal infrastructure, with the number of users growing monthly, has been solved with the use of cloud computing.
This method of using the cloud involves using the web to store data or host some parts of IT systems – and even it entirely at times.
In the retail industry, the use of cloud computing is very limited despite the numerous advantages it may offer.
Cloud Business operates with the words leading software company, Microsoft, ASOS now ensures the safety of their business IT.
ASOS Chief Information Officer Pete Marsden

"ASOS have smartly decided to contract cloud computing services rather than invest in software and hardware."

Most importantly, time and cost were significantly reduced which proved the significance of cloud computing in the retail industry.

Analytics ASOS

Business analytics is the practice of constant, methodical exploration of an organization's data with emphasis on statistical analysis, they make use of descriptive techniques and predictive models to gain valuable knowledge from data—data analysis.

"Anyone who wants to keep their finger on the pulse of how a company is operating is investing in advanced analytics,” Celestica CIO Mary Gendron.
Analytics at ASOS is deemed to be crucial to carry out their mission. Their web analytics helps them to better understand where their users come from and what they do when they are on the site.
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