BSD Battleship Cannon by Kyle Harkins

The objective of this project is to build a base and a cannon that is capable to launch a mini tennis ball this cannon has to be able to adjust angles and rotate freely. And have a elevation level from 15-75 degrees and a rotation of minimum of 90 degrees of rotation.

The first task we had for the cannon is to make brackets that could help support our cannon we decided to go for a design that was a bar that had a hole for both sides of the cannon.

This was one of the first designs we had for the cannons supports.

The first thing we had to do was get a snug fit for the circle to go around the cannon that would fit tight around the pvc pipe.

After we got the circumference of the circle of the pipe we designed a bracket that could fit the pipe snug. Now we had to figure out a way to connect the brackets together.

This was are first design for the brackets.

We discovered that these brackets would not work so we changed the design to this.

After the brackets it was time to start assembling the cannon we had to cut the pvc pipe to certain lengths given to us for the cannon.

Then after we had to glue the pipes together with pipe cement we ran into a problem here where we glued the pipe at the wrong spot so we had to cut it and glue a diffrent piece instead.

After all the pipes were glued we had to put the valve for the pipe to take air into the pipe so it can fire. This is where all the air pressure goes while pressurizing the cannon.

One problem we noticed with the pipe is that our brackets did not fit correctly so we had to go back and redesign them.

This was the final design of are brackets.

After all the pipes were glued and we found out that the brackets did not work successfully we had to start on the Arduino. This was a real challenge for our group we had to make the arduino open the sprinkler valve to launch the cannon.

This arduino had to have a light firing sequence so you know when it is about to launch the tennis ball.

After we got all the pipes glued together we had to design the base this was by far the most challenging thing our group had to do. We wanted to have a very strong base but we couldn't decide on what to do we all four had ideas so we had to consider what design would work the best.

This is the design we had for the cannon.
This was our first design to change the degrees for our elevation of our cannon.
We also wanted to do a rotation like the center tables have but we could not figure out how to turn this design to reality so we scratched it and found a new design.

After we found out we could not make this work we had to change it we built a circle and under it a piece of would held together by washers and a screw.

This is how

After we got the rotation we had to fix the angles we found out the ones we had originally would not suit are project.

We figured out the different angles we would use since we needed 15-75 degrees
This was are final design to change angles for our project.

Next we had to figure out a base for the elevation to sit on and fit in smoothly.

This is what we decided on this base sits on top of another piece of wood to allow us to rotate the project and the holes correspond to the elevation piece so the groves can sit in place firmly.

The final step we had to take on onshape is make a platform that the cannon could sit on and not move when it was fired.

This rectangle piece of wood is what the cannon leans against so it does not move.

After all the final adjustments were made we had to start cutting the project out on the ShopBot.

This is a video of the shop bot cutting out are project that we designed on Onshape.

After all the pieces were cut out we got to assemble the project fort he first time we noticed that it would not work perfect since the dog bones were a little lose in the grove so we had to glue it.

This is the first time we assembled we put a wooden dowel across the holes so we can hold the cannon at diffrent angles..

After we saw all the fit but not completely snug we used wood glue to hold all the pieces in place.

Next we drilled a hole in the middle of the wood into the top base to the bottom base.wood so we could be able to rotate the cannon 360 degrees and we secured the wood with a bolt.

We ran into a problem when we put the cannon on the back of the base so we had to cut the rectangle in the back so the valve of the cannon could sit in since the valve extended farther then we thought.

Ounce we got all of this done we put 4 legs on it so it would not sit on the ground. And the cannon would be able to sit and turn smoothly since there is a bolt that extends under the two pieces of wood.

The next thing we did was since we finished early we ran the canoon to a light switch that opens and closes the sprinkler valve so the cannon can fire the tennis balls.

This is the finished project of table 1 periods 4 cannon.

Next we had to test the project the first time we shot the cannon went 185 ft at 75 psi.

The next time we fired we had to be able to adjust a certain distance to hit a tarp and a bucket.

These are the results from the cannon firing at the the distances.

This is the data from the first time practicing firing at the tarp and bucket. Getting the ball to it the tarp was 5 points and in the bucket was 10.

We ended up scoring 25 points overall.

Team evaluation.

Team talk after all the project was finished we had a huge intense conversation with all the teams in our class talking about what we could have changed and the problems we ran into during the project. One of the major problems my group ran into is the brackets since we had to redo them multiple times. We had some great feed back from other groups saying we should have made it in a way more flashy the cannon we built is not pretty to look at like the others groups even though it gets the jobs done that it is required to do. Another thing my grouped learned is ounce we find a design we believe as a team will work do with and not change it a bunch of times like we did during the length of this project.

In conclusion this was an amazing cannon project and I got to work with a great group I would have loved to had more material to make this cannon 10x better. Than it already was maybe in the future we can make something more functional that will be better then ever.

The End

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