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HE IS ACCEPTING: He does not criticize or belittle other people’s religions; he has continually shown respect for other belief systems while still promoting Christianity. An example of this was when he was acknowledged by the National Conference of Christians and Jews for being a proponent of understanding.
HE SHOWS LOVE: Billy Graham once said, “The one badge of Christian discipleship is not orthodoxy but love. Christians are not limited to anything church. The only question is: are you committed to Christ?"
LOVE THROUGH CIVIL RIGHTS: Billy Graham has supported the Civil Rights Movement and equality for African Americans, even at a time when this was uncommon for white evangelists. He believes the term 'Christian racist' is an oxymoron and during a rally in 1953, he tore down a rope enforcing segregation. He was openly allied with Martin Luther King Jr. and bailed him out when he was jailed for non-violent protests.
HE IS DEDICATED: He has impacted the lives of others by personally preaching the gospel to more than 80 million people. As early as 1945, he toured the U.S. and much of Great Britain and Europe with Youth for Christ International. He has been involved in a radio show, television shows, Christian magazine, crusades, and written multiple books. According to the Cincinnati Post, he “preached the gospel to more people in person than anyone in the history of Christianity."
HE RESPECTS OTHERS AND IS RESPECTED BY OTHERS... even Presidents! President Dwight Eisenhower and Vice-President Richard Nixon were just a couple of the higher powers he shared a personal friendship with, and Mr. Graham often sent letters to presidents to give and receive advice.
HE IS SINCERE: Mr. Graham preaches because he wants to spread the word of God, not for a profit. Many evangelists, especially those on TV, seem to be motivated by money, but Graham is arguably different and has never been involved in a scandal involving money.
HE IS RESPECTED: Time called him "the Pope of Protestant America." The Gallop organization voted him "One of the Ten Most Admired Men in the World" 51 times. Although these are just a few examples, numerous accounts list him as of the top most admired people in the world or America nearly every year since the 1950s.


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