KANSAS WEEK 11 UPDATE Aflac Kansas Outlaws

2nd Week of Q1 Power Weeks in the books. Time to PUSH! FAME is within our reach!

Here's where we stand as a team for FAME - 84% Achieved

We are building a new culture here in Kansas! We are creating a winning team; building an army of performance; raising the bar, not only for ourselves but for teams across the territory and the country. You are doing that! If you have written $1 in AP, you are part of the change. We have 2 weeks left. It's time to pour it on it a big way! Let's give it all we've got over the next 10 working days, and leave it all on the field! Plan your work and work your plan. We will have so much to celebrate when we cross the finish line together!

AFAME Wild Card: AFAME is better in Power Weeks! $10K in EAP 3-249 is a brand new category for you to use to complete your AFAME criteria! Write $10K in EAP weeks 10-249 and you've KNOCKED out an AFAME Category! Ready. Set. Go!
Wendi Horak is our 6th AFAME qualifier!! ... Who's NEXT????

Congrats to Annie Bass, Taylor Harris, and John Wetig, Angela Bhakta, Karen Compton, and Wendi Horak for their early qualifications! So many of you are close! Clinch your qualification during Power Weeks!

2 weeks left in the chamber!!! Will you lock in your AFAME?

2 Weeks in the Chamber. Let's go!

There has never been a better time to be successful!

Contest Updates:

Congratulations to those that are already in the drawing... with 2 weeks to go!
  • Saida Sosa
  • Martha Buess
  • Karen Compton
  • Wanda Snyder
  • Linda Leggette
  • Mary Teichgraeber
  • Patty Zoeller
  • Shirley Miscevich
  • John Wetig
  • Tom Turley
  • Anthony Connor
  • Ryan Windholz
  • Annie Bass
  • Gail Coe
  • Janet Long
  • Georgia Tharp
  • Jordan Cameron
  • Lisa Horak
  • Shawn Schwarz
  • Dan Stecklein
  • Went Horak

And those of you that are sooooo close! (+ $20K QTD) 2 Weeks LEFT!

  • Boone Moser
  • Scott Schwarz
  • Alex Lankhorst
  • Angela Bhakta
  • Trent Schneider
  • Bobby Williams
  • Amber Chaffee
  • Randy Weber
  • Taylor Harris
  • David Nelson
  • Robert Harper
  • Maribel Asenio
  • Brittney Samms
  • Greg Brown
  • Trent Schneider

Are you a Veteran Superstar?? The Superstar Contest runs from Week 5-13. Achieve 10% year-over-year growth for traditional EAP for 3-249 lives for the contest period and a minimum of $15,000 in Traditional EAP for 3-249. The top 30 associates per territory with highest percentage of overall year-over-year AP growth win the trip to HQ. Check your standings in the "Veteran Center", on Field Force Services under the "Training and Resources" tab.

Brian Leitzel, Rusty Helin, AJ Chrest and Matthew Gant have achieved DSC FAME!!! Who's next??? Is week 12 your FAME week?

DSCs, here is a quick look at your Power Weeks Commitments and where we stand after 2 weeks. Are we going to get there?!?!? Only if each and every one of us push hard every single day!

Week 11 Top PeRformers

Top 5 Associates in AP

Wanda Snyder - $19,770

Brittney Samms - $19,612

Patty Zoeller - $15,919

Annie Bass - $14,453

Gail Coe - $9,564

New Account Openers

Maria Asensio

Annie Bass

Kristin Bryant

Amber Chaffee

Gail Coe

Stacy Denning

Brittney Samms

Sheri Stinnett

Triple Crown Award Qualifiers!

First-Year Triple Crown celebrates agents who hit the ground running and deserve an extra measure of recognition for their achievements. Second-Year Triple Crown honors those who demonstrate a continued desire to achieve and who do so through hard work and determination. Triple Crown winners have proven that they have what it takes to rise to the top in one of the most competitive fields in business – sales.

Krista McDonald - Fast Start

James Balding - Fireball

Amber Chafee - Fireball

Top 5 DSCs AP

Stacie Juenemann - $32,204

Jeremiah Popelka - $30,339

Jim Fletcher - $26,930

Justin Carson - $25,893

Matthew Gant - $15,756

DSC Quota Busters

Jeremiah Popelka - 352%

Robert Faught - 273%

Rusty Helin - 242%

Stacie Juenemann - 236%

Jim Fletcher - 229%

James Cole - 212%

AJ Chrest - 201%

Julia Hadorn - 152%

Mark Harris - 151%

Justin Carson 142%

Brian Leitzel - 119%

Angela Cook - 118%

Cheryl Maus - 118%

Frank King - 114%

Matthew Gant - 108%

Top DSC in New Accounts

Julian Duarte - 2

RSC Quota Busters

Nicole McKinney: Team Impact - 182%

Caleb Gilmour: Encore Region - 135%

Jon Overacre: Rock Star Region - 128%

Leigh Anne Stelter: The Mighty Ducks - 114%

Top RSC for Week 11:

Caleb Gilmour / Encore Region - $110,120 & 5 New Accounts

2 short weeks left to lock in AFAME and FAME. The buzzer waits for no-one. We fight for the inches. Time to go to work, team. Plan your Power Weeks to secure a strong finish. Let's get after it!
"Free Pass" Don't miss your chance! (for Q1 qualifiers only!)
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