Happy New Year Lew update

The past 3 months I have experienced both hardships and happiness. There are many things in which I need to make adjustments and develop as a servant of God. One big lesson that I have learned is about have a true dependence on God. In the past I thought that dependence on God meant praying about an issue and then forgetting all about it and just let God take care of it all. Every time I notice my life, I notice why I don’t have joy in my life, but in reality it is because I have not truly been depended on God. It is the reason why whenever hardships come my way all I do is worry about them. What it really reveals is that I have not remembered that my God is great and that I should fear Him. Because of that, this year I want to develop and grow in dependence on God.

What’s Been Happening in Ministry?

FUTSAL IAM CLUB is an activity of the IAM CLUB in which students from KKU come to play futsal weekly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Before exams, I arranged a futsal tournament for the students in which we shared the gospel and prayed for the students. We continue to use this activity as a way to share about Christian belief.
The MOUNTAIN Retreat was a very helpful activity for me in going deeper with my relationship with students. My favorite part in the camp was sitting around a campfire singing songs. Everyone loved this and it was easy to bond with the student in this environment.
Christmas at Church
Thank the Lord for this Christmas.

A Cause for Rejoicing

I thank God very much for his mercy. Just recently my friend Max became a Christian after 4 years of witnessing to him. I thank God because Max has always told me that he was not a sinner. But God has opened his eyes to help him see that he is a sinner and that he needs a Savior. I am so excited about his life

Coming Plans

  • I am making a futsal team where I can build relationships and share the gospel with those on my team. I am very excited about this.
  • There is already one member of the futsal team interested about God and is open to do a Bible study called "Knowing God" with me.
  • There are 3 guys learning Java computer who have asked me to help them learn this computer language. I hope that as I tutor them, they will develop and interest in God

Prayer Requests

  • Boss who is a member of our futsal team will begin investigating God with me. Please pray for him that he will understand the truth and the love of God.
  • Please pray for wisdom and intelligence as I think for the Thai Summer Project (TSP)
  • Please pray that God will provide for my support this year.
  • Pray for my relationship with God.
Be rich by worship God. God bless you.

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