Advertising Analytics connecting clicks, cost, conversions, & classifications


The other half of the profit equation

Import search engine impressions, clicks, cost, position, and quality scores. Tie these traffic and spend metrics to site-side engagement and real-time conversions in Adobe Analytics. Know the exact efficiency of your advertising investment at any granularity with simple drag/drop workflows.

The transparent path to action

These actionable signals are shown in the context of fully automated classifications. Drill down through all the dimensions in your account structure to move beyond vague channel averages. Take advantage of the transparency at every step of the hierarchy. Get as granular as you like with the new reports for account, campaign, group, ad, keyword, and match type. Trace opportunities back to the specific setting that needs adjustment to turn unique insight into performance lift.

The simplest setup you have ever experienced

All of this is available with no additional implementation work by the client. Merely activate native integrations in the Adobe Marketing Cloud to connect your login credentials from Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Gemini, Yahoo Japan, Yandex, or Baidu with Adobe Analytics. Adobe will then apply its tracking codes to the tracking templates in your destination URLs so you can get even more value out of the tags and pixels already on your site. No site code changes required.



Identify the audiences driving performance and share those Adobe Analytics segments in a single click with Adobe Target for personalization, Adobe Campaign for messaging, Adobe Audience Manager for lookalikes, and Adobe Media Optimizer for reach


Break down silos between analytics teams, internal advertisers, and external agencies by coming together around a single source of truth with a unified definition of conversions, deduplicated perspective on attribution, and a reliable definition of audiences


Control access permission details by any metric, dimension, or even filtered values of a report so analysts, advertisers, and agencies only see the campaigns they work on and they metrics that are relevant to them



Work in the familiar Adobe Marketing Cloud interface that you already use to take advantage of the fast and simple workflows of drag and drop Analysis Workspaces


Maintain total keyword transparency instead of 90% "keyword unavailable" from search encryption


Fully subrelate any advertising report with any visitor profile, product category, or site section by simply dragging any dimension onto any other row in Analysis Workspaces


Real Time

In the war room for your next essential promotion or holiday, compare year over year traffic and conversions that are minutes instead of days old to ensure you are on track


Establish the familiar context of account, campaign, group, and keyword instead of settling for the defaults of aggregated channel averages or unintelligible raw tracking codes


Change the emphasis in your call to action, value proposition, cross-sell merchandizing, and landing page alignment by improving relevancy between what was shown in the ad vs. what visitors actually engaged with on the site


Continue to use any bid management tool you prefer while using Adobe's automated synchronization & parallel tracking





Does this apply to Adobe Analytics Standard or Premium?

Both! The use cases are already very powerful with Analytics Standard, but anomaly detection, contribution analysis, and audience identification in Analytics Premium becomes even more impactful when populated with Media Optimizer advertising context. Consulting solutions are also available to feed advertising data to Data Workbench.

Does this apply to display impressions or view-through conversions?

Although the bi-directional integration of Media Optimizer has been reliably connecting search data with Analytics for years, Adobe is eager to provide even more value. That is why we recently announced our beta for also including display impressions and view-through conversions bought through the Media Optimizer DSP. Contact your account executive for the latest details on the display beta and timing for the full release coming soon.

Does this apply to Adobe's integration with DoubleClick?

Not yet. For Adobe Analytics Standard clients, the Exchange data connector and core service is the primary method to feed in impressions, clicks, and view-through conversions from DoubleClick. For Adobe Analytics Premium clients, Data Workbench Unified Customer Processing is an even more advanced method to feed in that data. Next year, exciting announcements will be made about options to connect that type of data through the Adobe Marketing Cloud Data Platform.

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