City​ ​of​ ​Verona​ ​in​ ​Italy a unesco herritage site

City of Verona is like a love place and there we can be fun also there is like a beautiful site that we can learn.


There is a old and historic site that so many people like to go there, and is a tourist site.

This is where is the king lived

This site needs protection, because there is close to the terrorist's countries.

This is a bridge there , and is a beautiful place to look some part of the city and walk around.

It is a beautiful , and nice place to walk , and look for the nature like: to be fun , and know different things like others kind of trees , and others kind of animals in the park , there is really beautiful.

Historical site

There was like , a fort to protect the city in war times , but now is a museum , and is to know the Italian's history.

A perfect view of city of Verona

We get to protect the site , and we should to fight to keep it as new , and accessible to the new generations.

Verona's airplane

To travel to Verona we need to take a airplane from here to city of Verona , then pick one of the excellent places there

Here is the Downtown.
the monumental watch

In conclusion , It is important , because there we can know new culture and know about how this peoples are and even know the different between nature in others countries because there is really beautiful and if want to be fun with each others and take a vacation there is a really good site to be and be fun and looking for the nature and natural things.


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