Baker Family,

It has been quite some time since I've had the pleasure of sending out the Baker Blast. Preparing this brought back great memories from the school year and offered a little normal to a unique ending to the school year. I am so proud of our students and teachers for seamlessly transitioning to online learning. I appreciate the support and patience that we received from our community with this new structure.

There was a learning curve for all of us, but in true OneTroy fashion, we came together to make this work. This edition of the Baker Blast includes information about the last week of school, 8th grade activities, the locker clean-out process, the new PTO Board, and our character education program. Please review the information and access the attached links. It was a pleasure serving as your principal and I look forward to the upcoming school year!

Warm regards,

Jonathan Cross

Activities Calendar

Monday, June 8th

  • No Live Instruction: Make up work ONLY
  • Student Materials Pick-Up: 12 pm - 4 pm

Tuesday, June 9th

  • No Live Instruction: Make up work ONLY
  • Student Materials Pick-Up: 12 pm - 4 pm

Wednesday, June 10th

  • No Live Instruction: Make up work ONLY
  • 8th Grade Celebration Parade: 5 pm - 6 pm
  • 8th Grade Virtual Promotion: 8 pm

Thursday, June 11th

  • No Live Instruction: Make up work ONLY
  • Media Center Summer Books Check-Out: 9 am - 11:30 am
  • Student Materials Pick-Up: 12 pm - 4 pm

Friday, June 12th

  • Last Day of School
  • Student Materials Pick-Up: 12 pm - 4 pm

Student Materials Pick-Up

We will conduct our end of the year school materials collection and provide student locker access on June 8th, 9th, 11th, & 12th from 12 pm – 4 pm. In an effort to adhere to social distancing requirements and provide a safe access to the building for students we have set up a sign-up genius. Our materials collection sign-up is broken down into 30-minute windows with assigned areas based on the location of your student’s locker. Please sign up for the appropriate designated area using your student’s locker number. The days are not set up by grade, so anyone may sign up for any time on any day.

If you do not know your child’s locker number, please have your child reference the map to indicate where their locker is located. Please see the list and maps below (Figures 1 & 2).


  • 1st Floor North: Lockers 960 – 1180
  • 1st Floor South: Lockers 1181 – 1372
  • 2nd Floor North: Lockers 2001 – 2180
  • 2nd Floor South: Lockers 2181 – 2360

Please sign-up as soon as possible as the available time slots will fill up quickly. If you are unable to participate in this event, please contact the Baker Main Office by June 12th to make special arrangements to pick up personal items. Any unclaimed items after June 12th will be donated.

You must sign up and schedule a time to participate, this is not a walk up/walk in activity.

When signing up. Please add your child’s name to the sign up when registering. If your family has siblings at Baker, only one sign up is necessary and all students in family can participate at the same time.


STUDENTS are the only ones who should exit the car to return school related items. Parents are expected to stay in their vehicles. We are asking all students to comply with the following social distancing expectations while on school property:

  • Social distancing (6 feet) must always be maintained.
  • Face masks are required. Students should bring their own masks (bandannas are acceptable).
  • Navigate to the designated areas without stopping to socialize with other students in the building.
  • Adhere to the 30-minute allotted time to complete the school materials collection and locker cleanout process.

When you arrive:

  1. Please park on the appropriate side of the building based on the location of your child’s locker. All students with lockers located on the NORTH side of the building will use the main parking lot in the front of Baker. Please see the blue highlighted hallways on the maps (Figures 1 & 2). All families with lockers located on the SOUTH side of the building will use the bus loop on the back side of Baker. Please see the red highlighted hallways on the maps (Figures 1 & 2).
  2. Students will walk up to the entrance at the end of your assigned hallway on the north or south side of the building. Please see the map (Figure 3). Students will need to wait until they are invited in the door by a staff member. They will then participate in the check in process. Please note that the main entrance doors will not be used or accessible during the materials pick up.
  3. After participating in the check in process, students will receive a heavy-duty plastic bag and clean out all off the contents from their school and/or gym and music locker(s). All items from their locker(s) should go into the bag. This time should not be used to sort through and throw away items.
  4. Students will then drop off the items that they are returning to the designated stations Please see the map (Figure 4).

Please make sure your student has their locker number and combination before entering the building. If they do not know their locker combinations, please let the staff member know at check-in!

School Materials Collection

Please read through carefully as each step is detailed to provide you with clear direction to ensure a quick and easy process for your student.

Athletic Uniforms, Station 4: Gym

  • Both Volleyball and Wrestlers will have some items that need to be turned in.
  • Please bag your athletic uniforms and items in a grocery bag etc.
  • Please label the bag with your student’s first and last name and grade
  • Please leave the athletic bags on the tables labeled athletics in the gym.

Textbooks, Station 5: Media Center

  • This is a very important step. It is essential that we receive all of our textbooks back for us to provide our new students next year. Please carefully check your room and house for any Baker textbooks. Then when you arrive at school please place on the assigned tables in the Media Center.
  • Please make sure that all textbooks are placed on the assigned tables with your teacher’s name.

Teacher classroom library books, Station 5: Media Center

  • You may have borrowed a book from a teacher library. If so, there is an assigned table for teacher classroom books in the Media Center. Please place the teacher library book on the appropriate table.

Media Center/Library Books, Station 5: Media Center

  • Please check your house for library books that need to be returned.
  • Gather books and return to the Media Center drop box

iPad, Station 2 or 6: Entrance/Check-In Area

  • Every student will keep their iPad, except for students that are going to the International Academy East, moving out of district, or will not attend a Troy District school next year.
  • For students attending school at the IAE or elsewhere outside of the Troy School District, you will drop off your iPad and leave it with the staff member when you check in.
  • Please turn in your iPad, charging cord and charging block.
  • Please label your iPad with your first and last name and grade.

Gym Locker, Station 4: Gym

  • Gym locker access is only for students that have Phys Ed and left something in their lockers that they must have back. Students will go to the gym locker room and grab what they need out of their locker.

Band & Orchestra Equipment, Station 8: Band Room

  • All Band AND Orchestra students should bring all music items into the band room to return items. Students should empty their band/orchestra locker and place items in the provided plastic bag.
  • The band and orchestra teachers will send out a check list for all band/orchestra students to complete and sign when they drop things off to help them remember everything they have. The check list will include sheet music, books, uniforms, equipment, and/or instruments that need to be returned specific to your grade/class.

Important information about entering school

  1. Only students of Baker Middle School may enter the school
  2. Student must wear a mask before entering the school
  3. A hand sanitizer station is placed at the entrances.
  4. Students will wash hands with hand sanitizer before entering the building to gather materials
  5. Students should be in and out of the building quickly. Do not exceed the 30 minutes allotted time.
  6. As there are only a few students signing up for times throughout the day there will only be a very few students in the building at a time. By randomly allowing parents to sign up the likelihood of students seeing friends in school is low, but please remind students to remain at a safe social distance from those within the school.
  7. During this process we will have staff members in the building cleaning their rooms and preparing for summer. Please let students know that this is not a time to visit with their teachers.

We recognize that these may be unusual requests, but we need to take these measures to provide access while providing a safe environment. Thank you for your cooperation with our efforts.

Yearbook Orders

If you missed the deadline to order a yearbook. Good news! We have a limited quantity available. You can reserve your copy during the materials collection and student locker access dates on June 8th, 9th, 11th, & 12th from 12 pm – 4 pm. When your student arrives at the building for their scheduled time, they can drop off their order form and payment at the entrance when checking in. Please see the attached order form below.

The cost of the yearbook is $37.00 and will be sold on a first come first served basis. Only cash and checks will be accepted for payment. Please make checks payable to Baker Middle School. Please place the order form and payment in a sealed envelope with your child’s name on it.

Although yearbook pick-up will not be until August due to manufacturing and delivery delays caused by the pandemic, pick-up information will be communicated when we receive confirmation on the timeline for delivery. In the meantime, Jostens has created “Yearbook Digital Signing Pages” for students to access while safely social distancing.

The Digital Signing Pages program allows every student in our school the chance to create virtual signing pages, invite their friends to leave messages, and print out the final pages to keep with the yearbook as a permanent keepsake. Register an account for your student using the link above.

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony

8th Grade Celebration Parade

This year’s 8th Grade Celebration will be held in the main entrance parking lot at Baker Middle School. It will include a parade and the collection of a yard sign purchased by the Baker PTO. The parade will start at 5pm and run until 6pm. Please come and help us celebrate our 8th grade class of 2020, their achievements, efforts and promotion!

Feel free to decorate your car and make signs to participate in the festivities. We are asking that write your child's last name on the passenger side of the car or place a sign in the window. We will use student last names to keep track of the yard signs that are handed out. It is our goal to have every 8th grade student receive a sign. We will reach out to the families who do not pick theirs up during the celebration parade.

Social distancing requirements will be in place and we ask that students and their families remain in their cars. We look forward to celebrating this heart-warming milestone with you!


  • The Parade will start at 5 pm at the entrance of the Baker parking lot (See the yellow dots).
  • Please write your child's last name on the passenger side of your car or place a sign in the window. We will use student last names to keep track of the yard signs that are handed out.
  • Slow down as you approach the main entrance walkway. A staff member will take down your last name and distribute your child’s yard sign.
  • Families are asked to stay in their car.

Character.org Promising Practice

I am honored to inform you that Baker Middle School’s (A-OK) Accountable, Open-Minded, and Kind Character Education Focus program was selected by Character.org as a 2020 Promising Practice. Our Promising Practice demonstrated significant impact and is fully aligned with one or more of Character.org’s 11 Principles Framework for Schools: A Guide to Cultivating a Culture of Character.

Character.org's 11 Principles Framework is a nationally recognized guide to cultivating a culture of character in a school. Based on decades of research on effective schools, the 11 Principles serve as guideposts for schools to plan, implement, assess, and sustain their comprehensive character development initiatives. School districts across the country use the 11 Principles as a part of their school improvement process.

Our Red Pillar Committee Members planned and implemented the restructuring of our character focus this year, and every teacher implemented our A-OK character focus in their classrooms! This was not an easy task but the positive impact on our school community is priceless!

We are invited to showcase our Promising Practice at the Character.org National Forum in Washington D.C (early March 2021). During the 2020-2021 school year, we will be working with Character.org as they support our journey towards becoming a Michigan School of Character. Please click on the link above to see the 2020 Promising Practices press release listing Baker as a certified promising practice recipient.

Media Center Summer Books Check-Out

The Baker Media Center will be open Thursday, June 11, from 9 A.M. - 11:30 A.M. for current Baker 6th and 7th graders to check out books for the summer. Please sign up for a 15-minute time slot for your child using the link above, if you are interested. Your child must be signed up for a time slot to be able to enter the building as there will be no walk-in times available.

Students must wear masks to enter, and we will be limiting the number of people in the Media Center to 10 at a time. We ask that only students enter the building. Parents must remain in their cars. It would help to speed up the process if your child has a list of books s/he is looking for or if your child uses the Destiny Discover app on his/her iPad to search the library catalog to see what is available in the Media Center prior to coming to school.

Please contact Ms. Loch at kloch@troy.k12.mi.us if you have questions.

Science Olympiad

Baker scientists! Unfortunately we were not able to run our qualifying test as usual to start preparing for next year. We hope to hit the ground running in the fall and want to share this information with you. Please read the following Flyer. We are looking forward to future opportunities!

Congratulations to our new PTO Board Members!

  • Co-Presidents: Sami Irani & Kristin Kennaugh
  • Co-Vice Presidents: Becky Stencel & Sonia Piggot
  • Co-Treasurers: Michelle Langston & Anita Sundareson
  • Secretary: Kelly Martin

We look forward to working with you during the upcoming school year!

The Baker Middle School Parent/Teacher Organization provides comprehensive services and support to students, parents and teachers to enhance the learning environment and experience. They provide support and funding for activities within Baker, TSD and the Troy community. If you would like to learn more information about the PTO and how you can get involved, feel free to join us for one of the PTO Board Meetings.

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