My Favorite Things Lily's Favorites

I love Jack Russell's, because ever since I was born we have had four.

When I turned 14 years old, I have always wanted a TRD white truck. I hope to get one when I urn 16. Trucks help me see the roads better.

I hope to have my own photography business when i get older. I like taking pictures with good quality.
I love the Georgia Bulldogs. We go to almost all the games, except the ones in other states, excepts the Florida and Georgia. I couldn't miss that game.
Tiger Lily

When I was born my mom named me Elizabeth. She didn't want to call me Liz. She wanted to call me Lily for short. She told me she named me she liked that, because she wanted to name me after the flower, so ever since I have always gotten Tiger Lily's, or Lily's for events.

I love the group of Team 10, which is where Jake Paul my favorite YouTuber runs.

When I heard about the Digit Tour was coming to Atlanta, GA I wanted to go, but on school nights on the 23rd of April it's hard.


I basically like all the teams in Georgia, I guess, because I'm from GA.

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Elizabeth Amerson

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