Global Gag Rule Executive Action & Global HER Act Reintroduction Social Media Toolkit

Overview and Details

Date: January 28th, 2021

Since 2017, the Global Gag Rule has prohibited foreign non-governmental organizations from receiving any U.S. global health assistance if they provide information, referrals, or services for legal abortion or advocate for the legalization of abortion in their country, even if these activities are supported solely with non-U.S. funds.

This social media kit provides resources that can be used for coalition partners and allies on the Hill talking points to drive a strong narrative about the impact of harmful U.S. foreign policies to continue to drive momentum and urgency around ending the policy once and for all.








Social Media Posts:

GGR Recission

🚨 The Biden-Harris Administration has taken the first step of recommitting the U.S. to global #reprohealth and rights by rescinding the overreaching and dangerous #GlobalGagRule.

For four years, the #GlobalGagRule has put lifesaving health services including #SRHR out of reach for people and communities who already had limited access to affordable, high-quality health care. We thank @POTUS for taking swift action to begin repairing the damage.

Rolling back the #GlobalGagRule alone is not enough. Long-term reproductive freedom will remain at risk for millions unless Congress passes the #GlobalHERAct to prevent the policy from returning at the ideological whims of a U.S. president.

Removal of the #GlobalGagRule does NOT mean U.S. funding can now be used for abortion. The Helms amendment prohibits this, when #GGR is in effect or not. Congress must also #RepealHelms

The Biden-Harris Administration today rescinded the overreaching and dangerous #GlobalGagRule. While we welcome this important action, it is only the beginning. There is much more work to be done to advance sexual and #reprohealth and rights.

Despite the positive executive action in D.C., clear communication to USAID missions, prime and subprime partners is still needed to ensure providers in the field can quickly resume vital work.

Global HER Act

Congress seized a historic opportunity to introduce a permanent repeal of the #GlobalGagRule through the #GlobalHERAct, led by @RepBera @SenatorCollins @RepBarbaraLee @LisaMurkowski @JanSchakowsky and @SenatorShaheen.

For too long, the #GlobalGagRule has put the health and lives of women, girls and vulnerable individuals in harm’s way for the sake of American politics. Without permanent repeal, through the #GlobalHERAct nothing will stop a future president from instituting this policy again.

Congress must act to ensure the #GlobalGagRule never again endangers lives, undermines the work of health care professionals, and creates irrevocable chaos in global health systems. Support the #GlobalHERAct

We thank @RepBera @SenatorCollins @RepBarbaraLee @LisaMurkowski @JanSchakowsky and @SenatorShaheen, for cosponsoring the #GlobalHERAct to end the #GlobalGagRule once and for all.





Additional Resources & Information


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Coalition Partners:

  1. Advocates for Youth: @AdvocatesTweets
  2. American Jewish World Service: @ajws
  3. Catholics for Choice: @Catholic4Choice
  4. Center for Reproductive Rights: @ReproRights
  5. CHANGE: @SRHRforAll
  6. Guttmacher: @Guttmacher
  7. ICRW: @ICRW
  8. Ipas: @IpasOrg
  9. IWHC: @IntlWomen
  11. PAI: @pai_org
  12. Population Connection Action Fund: @popconnect
  13. Population Institute: @PopInstitute
  14. Planned Parenthood: @ppglobe, @ppact