The forgotten one Have you ever wondered how the world's modernization has hindered the business of traditional malls as such?

This little mall tucked at the west region of our heartland and urban city, Singapore, would never be noticed due to its dull appearance. Just like a wallflower among the other contemporary malls, one would most probably never pay a second visit to it without a particular reason.

Such a scene may only be found in old malls as such. Modernization has slowly erased the intimacy between shopkeepers and their customers, leaving us with harsh complaints for present-day shopkeepers. Shopkeepers at this mall and their customers maintain such a heartwarming relationship that one can never only glimpse past.
Madam Angeline Ang ,51, employee at D.K BULLION, said, “Imagine this place which used to be like the current Orchard Road, large crowds everywhere. Now, business here is only a mere 10% of the ones at new malls.” Disappointment in their business is common among all shopkeepers.
Mr Justin, 24, when asked of what he felt of this mall, replied “I don’t support the idea of developing this place because it is a traditional mall of great sentimental value.” Where else can one witness the convivial atmosphere between shopkeepers and customers in this world of practicalities?
One may wonder why McDonald's’, one of the largest fast food chain in the world is so empty. The unusual emptiness can never go by unnoticed. Think of what one would see at another McDonald's’ located in a more contemporary mall. One shall then realize how unforgiving business is here.
During lunch hours, emptiness remains evident in the mall. Thinking of the fate of this mall saddens us all. Madam Helen Koh, in her 50s voiced, “Revamp and inclusion of anchor tenants might help liven up the place.” However, the vintage vibe of the mall would be long lost.
With brightly lit areas and attractive shops which would definitely entice one to walk into, Beauty world mall seems like a small fly. Due to these malls outshining the once like its counterparts Beauty World, the significance of Beauty world is abased. Beauty world Centre has been out shined.

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