The Attacks of September 11 Paul McBurney

Question: How we can prevent another terrorist attack like 9/11 , and how this 9/11 attack still affects us today?

At first I thought that 9/11/Attacks of Ground Zero was a tragedy that did not kill many people, but when I started researching I found out the 9/11 attacks was such a tragedy that no planes would be allowed to fly in U.S soil for a bit. Over 2,900 people died including police, and firefighters. Now I have been wondering how can we prevent another terrorist attack like 9/11, and how this attack still affects us today. We can prevent this from happening again if air marshals could be on more flights. Air marshals are basically air cops which will most of the time be undercover. As terrorist hijackings are coming more frequently many airline companies are thinking to put something called a JetEye which is a camera on the wing. No big deal right?! It is a big deal, for example if terrorists break into the cockpit the JetEye will activate, and cut off all controls of the plane for the terrorists. Ground officials will also be notified, and a autopilot mode will guide it to the closest airports where the Military will take it from there.

What the JetEye looks like.

Another way we could stop hijacking is remote video monitoring. This remote video monitoring will catch hijackers, and any suspicious activity in flight. For example, European are developing onboard surveillance systems, including sensors, and video cameras in the cabin, as envisioned by the European Commission's Security of Aircraft in the Future European Environment project. This setup may also include advanced software that would analyze passengers facial expressions and movements for suspicious behavior. A lot of this technology will be used around the airport security area where everyone will need to have their bags checked!

Airport Security

The best way to stop terrorists from hijacking or bombing planes is to stop attackers from boarding in the first place. Even though many United States airports have been equipped with "Explosives Trace Detection Devices" which can detect passengers hands and luggage for explosives residue, and controversial imaging scanners that allow security officers to look under peoples clothing for weapons or explosives. (The software was recently upgraded to give screeners only an outline of a passenger's body.) But researchers also have envisioned merging/putting together extraordinary video surveillance at airports with software that detects facial expressions for signs of lying. According to a commentary by Paul Ekman, a retired University of California, San Francisco, psychology professor and security consultant.

Explosive Trace Detection Device

How does 9/11 still affect us today? 9/11 is a big fascination for many people in the United States, and around the world. We still do not know what the 3rd plane was initially going to hit because passengers crashed it into a field. I think this still affects us today because we know what to do incase of another attack on a building. It also affects us today because of how much stricter security has gotten! You didn't even need to show your passport before going through security back then! This attack also affects victim families who have lost family members in the attacks. After the attacks innocent Muslim Americans were blamed, and were strictly watched on. 9/11 also helped the United States step up its security systems too!

I think the 9/11 impacted us a lot, and helped us step up our security systems, and was a terrible attack by Al Qaeda that damaged/hurt the United States economy a lot. I hope another attack like this will not happen again!


FUN FACTS: Jackie Chan was supposed to be at the top floor of the North Tower on 9/11, but it got canceled .

The man who ordered no aircraft could fly during the attacks of 9/11 was on the first day of his job

Al Qaeda initially wanted to hit a Nuclear Power Plant, but then they decided to hit the World Trade Center.

Dogs saved so little people firemen had to burry other people to get the dogs hopes up.

It took FDNY 100 days to put the fire out!

Works like Picasso were among the loss of $100 million dollars.



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