PERLA PRO CONTRACT Bathroom panels

Save Time Money and Effort

Bathroom Renovations Made Easy With Laminate Bathroom Panels

Perla Pro Bathroom Panels

Perla offers a practical, hygienic, easy to install and easy to maintain cost effective alternative to traditional tiling.

Installation is simple and can be carried out by a joiner with no requirement for any wet trades.

Offers a cost saving against tiling due to reduced installation time

Extremely effective in voids – average installation time to install panels around a standard bath = 1.5 – 2 hours (no second day return visit to grout and clean)

Ideal for use in;

  • Planned maintenance
  • Voids
  • Adaptations
  • New build programmes

Satisfied Tenants

People are more and more aware of the importance of being able to enjoy a warm, comfortable bathroom which is easy to clean and keep use.

Fast Turnaround

Panels are large format, clean and easily installed by joiners or DIY professionals with no wet adhesive or grout drying times. Sub-walls need no preparation such as re-plastering or skimming since the panels can simply be installed over any damaged finishes.

Can help reduce turnaround time in voids – 2 hours installation as opposed to a 2 day process for tiling ensuring property can be re-let at the earliest opportunity reducing lost rental income.


Those responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of properties are only too aware of the costs of poor bathroom maintenance and the struggle against mould, mildew and degradation.

Unlike ceramic tiles there is no need for any grouting and therefore no dirt traps which need to be bleached or dug out and re-grouted at regular intervals.

This brings savings in your responsive maintenance budgets and a quicker turnaround time for voids as panels can be simply wiped clean prior to re-letting the property

Stay New

Laminate bathroom wall panels are the perfect solution to ensure that your tenants are satisfied with their bathroom because they are easy to keep in new condition, require no long term maintenance, are durable and look great!

Fast and Simple to Install

Panels can be installed by a joiner in a few hours. No waiting for tillers, adhesives or grout to dry. Minimal cutting is required and often no need to strip out the old wall coverings meaning a massive time and environmental saving.

No Maintenance

Tiles need regular maintenance of their grout to stop them growing mould and leaking into the substructure. Panels are totally maintenance free and if they are neglected any grime and dirt can be simply wiped off to revive the décor back to fresh and new.

Less Expensive than Tiling

The material costs may be similar however when the installation time, specialist installers and long term maintenance are taken into account then no maintenance, easy to clean panels are an extremely wise financial investment.

Brand New for Every Tenant

Tenants can be choosy people and they will demand a high standard of amenity for their rent. Old dirty tiles with grey grout are not going to be attractive however a brand new looking panelled bathroom is modern and desirable.

Laminate Wall Panels are the ideal way to modernise any property and can be used instead of tiles for a great looking bathroom that is not only easy to clean and maintain but will continue to perform year after year. Choose from the widest range of designs and formats.​

​Perla Pro is a specific contract product offer with a vast range of design types ranging from the abstract to the exotic - all designed with low cost and longevity in mind.

A Few of the Wide Variety of Perla Pro Decors Available
The Perla Pro Range of Decors


We offer a range of formats in both square edge for use with profiles or with an interlocking tongue & groove for a profile-less joint.

  • 2400mm x 1200mm x 11mm Square Edge
  • 2400mm x 900mm x 11mm Square Edge
  • 2400mm x 1185mm x 11mm SmoothGroove T&G
  • 2400mm x 885mm x 11mm SmoothGroove T&G
  • 2400mm x 585mm x 11mm SmoothGroove T&G

For contracts we offer a cut to size service which means room sets can be delivered with no on-site cutting required. Panels can be packed and delivered individually to properties or in bulk with palletised deliveries for maximum economy.

Core Materials

We offer a choice of a moisture resistant MDF or a Birch Plywood to suit the requirements of the customer.

  • MR MDF - Moisture Resistant Medium Density Fibreboard - 9mm Thickness

MR MDF is a perfect substrate for panels since it is extremely flat and offers a ripple free surface. It is made from recycled and waste timber and is therefore extremely sustainable and certified. It is also an European sourced material from local forests and therefore has a low energy footprint.

  • Plywood - 7 Core Plywood (Exterior Grade)

Our plywood is responsibly internationally sourced from accredited suppliers who offer excellent quality laminated and glued timber products. This is a traditional material for specification in the UK and has been a favourite for many years.

​Both materials are fully compliant with environmental regulations and from registered ISO9001 and ISO14001 sources with full FSC accreditation.

​MDF core is water resistant and suitable for use in bathrooms and is easy to cut and drill. Plywood is a more traditional material which is sometimes specified and we use only the finest 7-ply material. Both cores are specified for their stability and excellent surface finish which must remain flat under a wide variety of environmental conditions.


All our panels are made with materials which offer full traceability from registered ISO9001 and ISO14001 suppliers with FSC accreditation. Panels are made from a cellulose base and therefore are a low energy, environmentally replenishable resource. A major environmental impact is saved when panels can be installed over existing wall coverings. This means that disposal into landfill is not required as well as the inconvenience, manual handling, noise and dust hazard created when removing old covering materials from walls of an older and unknown construction.

Standard Installation

A standard installation is carried out efficiently using a set of dedicated contract profiles designed to make installation fast and straightforward. These are available in Black, Chrome, Satin or White finish.

Profile Finishes

Internal Corner: The internal corner profile is used to form a right angled internal corner. The profile has an unique slim shape to be as unobtrusive as possible. Profiles are 2450mm long and available in Polished Chrome, Satin Aluminium, Powder Coated White or Powder Coated Black.

External Corner: The external corner profile is used to form a right angled external corner. The profile has a square profile to match the end finishing trim. All profiles are 2450mm in length and available in Polished Chrome, Satin Aluminium, Powder Coated White or Powder Coated Black.

End Finishing Trim: The end finishing profile is extremely useful in finishing off the edge of a panel or in the transition between a panel and adjoining ceramic tiles. With a slim square profile the trim is extremely attractive and available in the four finishes in 2450mm lengths.

Joining Profile: A joining profile is designed to join panels in a line when a wall is required to be clad. The joint is as unobtrusive as possible leaving a slim strip of chrome, satin, white or black. Profiles are 2450mm in length to suit the panels.

Tray Finishing Trim: A slim elegant profile used when the panel is fitted behind the shower tray or bath edge as recommended. This trim finishes off the joint between the panel and the tray or bath concealing the silicone seal making the installation easy to clean and maintain. Available in Polished Chrome Finish and in 2450mm lengths.

Foot Finishing Trim: When a panel is required to sit on top of a shower tray or bath edge then the foot profile is the perfect way to finish the edge in a neat and easy to maintain fashion. All profiles are 2450mm in length and available in Polished Chrome finish.

Profile Arrangement
Foot Finishing Trim & Internal Corner

Interlocking Tongue & Groove

As made popular by laminate flooring, the interlocking tongue and groove method of joining panels is now well established. With wall panels the principle is similar with the shaped tongue slipping over a notch in the groove to create a tight joint. Silicone used on the tongue to ensure that the final joint is sealed and watertight. The final result gives a joint which is less apparent that one created using profiles and is ideal when cladding a complete wall with panels, behind a bath or when replacing a bath with a large shower tray.

Insert Panel at 30 Degrees Approx. NB The Silicone on the Top of the Tongue
Close the Gap and Compress the Silicone Until the Panel is Fully Home

In addition we offer 'Seal2Wall' a silicone sealant designed for the fast installation and sealing of panels.


Why Specify Perla Pro?

Perla is an ideal material for specification in bathrooms because:

  • ​Fast to Install - Perfect for the fast turnaround of voids
  • No Maintenance - No Grouting
  • Joiner Installed - No specialist tradesmen
  • No Need to Remove Old Wall Coverings
  • Environmental Benefit in Landfill, Dust and Inconvenience
  • Easy to Keep Clean for All Tenants

​The benefits of using a large scale panel are obvious however there are many types of panel on the market and it is important to understand the differences.

PVC panels are generally made in China from a low quality plastic and although there are several grades of plastic available all PVC products are polluting to the environment and cannot be compared to high pressure laminate bonded to a solid substrate product.

Why Specify Perla Pro?

Ceramic tiles can look lovely in the appropriate format but the Achilles heal is the grout that is required in the joints. This grout is essential granular with a porous surface which attracts and retains germs. The grout then turns grey and slimy which is almost impossible to remove without scrubbing with bleach. The lovely showroom appearance of tiles then declines rapidly!

​Tiles of course are not fast to install needing time for the adhesive to dry before grouting. The sub-wall also has to be perfectly flat which normally means re-plastering adding another week to the schedule. Perla Panels can simply be installed over the old wall finish or even over holes in the old wall as long as all traces of damp are eradicated. A shower can be installed easily start to finish in one day!


Perla Contract features a high pressure laminate surface bonded to a MDF or Plywood core and backed with a balancing backing laminate.

​11mm thickness overall.

​Panels are joined with a system of specialised profiles in Chrome, Satin, Black or White finishes.

Our optional interlocking SmoothGroove Tongue and Groove system means that in-line joints can be created without use of profiles for a smooth integrated appearance.

High Pressure Laminates

The surface of a Perla Panel is made from a high pressure laminate which gives the panel its excellent properties of having a very high design definition, high levels of wear, a lovely texture whether gloss or otherwise and of course its clean-ability.

We are familiar with laminates being used in kitchen worktops since the 1960's when the brand name Formica was commonly used to cover all laminates manufactured.

Laminates were in fact pioneered in Sweden and were based on a combination of a phenolic resin backing to give the product some stability along with a surface which is of melamine resin which is extremely durable and hygienic. The core of the product is cellulose in the form of kraft paper for the backing and a decorative printed paper for the face.

It is the quality of the gravure printing along with various overlays that are available which gives the product its high definition graphics - that together with the clear melamine surface which when pressed at a high temperature and pressure sets solid and gives the beautiful surface that is extremely durable.

Case Study


  • Void property – Billingham
  • Perla installed around bath area using square edge boards with chrome profile
  • 2 x windows overhanging the bath area so panels were cut around the reveals and a uPVC window board installed
  • Total installation time taken – 2 hours

About Perla

Perla is a brand from JTC Furniture Group a company with over 30 years experience in the contract market.

We are a UK manufacturing company with over 30 years experience in the manufacture of kitchens, bathroom furniture and associated products working closely with Councils, Housing Associations, Student Accommodation Providers and Contractors. Our expertise in the production of bathroom products comes from a focus on design and manufacturing excellence. JTC Furniture Group owns the Perla brand which is dedicated to the creation of the finest products designed for the bathroom market.

​We cater specifically for the contract market with a dedicated range of panels designed to be best suited to a rental environment and with a flexibility of supply best suited to the way contractors and installation teams work.

Panel Press

Our specialist sales teams work closely with local authorities, housing associations and contractors throughout the UK. We are dedicated to providing an off the shelf service to our contract customers and can supply in any quantity, even cut to specification in order to make a bathroom installation fast and easy.

Our administration teams at our Head Office in Dundee are used to working with contract customers. We have fully integrated IT systems which can be linked into your account systems to facilitate ordering and payment routines with full transparency with either dedicated systems or over the internet.

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