Digital Learning Khan Academy & Code Academy

Very useful for a revision source, or a tool being use to teach due to the way it teaches itself. Using visual, auditory and reading and writing is extremely effective when it comes to retaining information.

Lots of subjects available to learn, short to the point videos with all information needed to feel engaged with what you are watching.

The site offers an almost unlimited number of practice exercises, organised by topic, with instant feedback and progress data.

There are so many subjects to learn, with individual exercises for every one.

Users are allowed to explore each subject, so they are able to find what is right for them.

You are able to take mock tests, to be ready for the real test.

I have used this site throughout my life and it has helped me so much through things such as exams and coursework. It was one of my main revision sources going through exams as I found that I was able to retain so much more knowledge if it was taught via visual and auditory lessons.

The site will work best for people who need procedural help, rather than conceptual understanding. Users can rate the pace of each video, leave comments, and ask/answer content-related questions.

The only disadvantages i am able to see with this website is with a physical teacher or a tutor, you receive immediate feedback and talk through your thought process. With the Khan Academy videos, you lose that interactivity.

Meaning if you have a question about a certain concept or problem, you cannot talk to another person and have them elaborate.


Despite the lack of advanced and real world content, Codecademy remains a free-site for you to get familiarised with code and coding concepts, and is a great starting point for anyone looking to learn the basics.

While the individual courses are short and introductory (ranging from 3 to 13 hours in content), they excel at teaching the most important coding concepts and techniques.

Currently, Codecademy offers courses in six main areas:

  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby

While Codecademy is a great free resource to get you started, it falls short in a few areas. The biggest drawback is that many of the lessons lack context, which is an issue with many online coding tutorials.

It is a fantastic place to start for anyone who wants to learn the basics on coding, however that is all you will really be able to learn. If you wanted to progress your skills within coding, then codecademy is not the place to be.

As this website is fundamentally text based, I was not able to pick a lot up that would stick in my mind, because I favour visual and auditory learning. There is auditory learning from discussion with teachers is available, but this is one of the premium features of the site and is therefore only available with regular payment to the site.

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