Voice for the Voiceless Sam and beth

In 1942, Romero was ordained as a priest. He recognised the power of radio and convinced 5 radio stations to broadcast his sermons and homilies to the people of El Salvador. He did it spread awareness of the atrocities in his country, to talk about the role of the church and to offer his listeners hope and that they would suffer and die in vain. He did not tell them the horrors would end but the church would live on leading us to his last homily where he said, ""Brothers, you are from the same people; you kill your fellow peasant . . . No soldier is obliged to obey an order that is contrary to the will of God . . ." Oscar Romero was the most trusted news source in his war torn country. He was a martyr for the faith.

He was killed for fighting for what was right.

"If some day they take away the radio station from us . . . if they don't let us speak, if they kill all the priests and the bishop too, and you are left a people without priests, each one of you must become God's microphone, each one of you must become a prophet." Oscar Romero

"Those who surrender to the service of the poor through love of Christ will live like the grain of wheat that dies...The harvest comes because of the wheat that dies." Oscar Romero

The Pope sees Archbisop Oscar Romero as a man who constructed peace with the force of love, a man who sees oppression, who hears the cries of pain of his children and who guided, defended and protected flock, remaining loyal to the Gospel.

When Oscar Romero was beatified the then US President Barack Obama said

"Archbishop Romero was an inspiration for people in El Salvador and across the Americas. He was a wise pastor and a courageous man who persevered in the face of opposition from extremes on both sides. He fearlessly confronted the evils he saw, guided by the needs of his beloved, the poor and oppressed people of El Salvador.”

No one could go to his funeral, if they did they where shot dead

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