A Special message from the Society of Animal Artists

Have you been rejected from membership in the Society of Animal Artists?

Rejection is indeed the pits! We’ve all experienced it at some point in our careers. It never gets easier or painless! If you’ve been one of those artists who have attempted to gain membership into the Society of Animal Artists… and gotten turned down… we apologize for the hurt that inevitably causes.

But we want to encourage you to not give up hope.

Instead… we want to encourage you to continue to develop & refine your artistic skills. And with that in mind, we’d like to invite you to come on down to our fabulous TexArt Workshop in Kerrville, Texas this coming May.

Group Photo from 2016 Workshop

Working on improving your skills. We all have to work on our skills. It's kind of a never ending thing with artists. It's said that even toward the end of his life, Degas wasn't sure he had actually done any truly great works of art. As artists… our efforts to improve our skills are always seeking new ways to improve.

Working closely with celebrated masters of their crafts, can help us make big advances in our own skills.

Wildlife Artists, and artists who just love to draw, paint, or sculpt birds & animals, have a unique dilemma. That’s because not only do we have to be able to draw, paint, and sculpt… we also then need to understand the anatomy… the behaviors… the postures… colorations… surface textures… and unique characteristics of various species of birds or animals.

Mort Solberg's recent watercolor of elk herd rising a cliff

Painting Wildlife - It’s a unique artistic field of achievement that requires the basic ability to handle various mediums… and in addition… to also capture the unique features of birds & animals... in artful, well designed ways.

Solberg Watercolors

Instructors: So in order for Wildlife Artists to actually improve their skills… it can be a real challenge finding instructors that can help us.

Mort Solberg

Mort Solberg is this year's Featured Artist / Instructor at TexArt

Workshops provide us with a time dedicated to focused enhancement & refinement of our artistic skills

That’s precisely why we created the TexArt Workshop. The TexArt Workshop is an amazing collaboration between one of the top Artist Workshop organizations in the country… the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation… and the world’s top organization of artists who paint and sculpt birds and animals… The Society of Animal Artists.

This is a first-ever collaboration between these two fine organizations.

These two organizations… the tops in their field… have now created a fabulous way for artists… to enhance their skills.

These workshops provide artists with classroom training as well as opportunities for one-on-one personal guidance pertaining to specific skills & directions.

A week of focused training in a cohesive artistic gathering of very creative people... might just be what you need to provide you with a burst of new productive artistic achievement.

Train with some of the top instructors in the SAA.

The TexArt Workshop, in Kerrville, Texas, is the very best training workshop in the country for Wildlife Artists… or artists that simply love to draw, paint, or sculpt animals of any kind.

This is the 2nd year of this amazing workshop, the most comprehensive training program the SAA has ever had in the past 56 years.

For artists attending this Workshop, both SAA members and Non SAA attendees alike, You might like to bring along a portfolio of your current work for a positive review by one of the instructors or another Signature member of the SAA. They would be happy to offer suggestions, in a one-to-one review, to help you move your work to a higher level.

Banovich working on one of his huge canvases

World class instructors at TexArt / John Banovich - Last year reknown Wildlife Artist and long time SAA member, John Banovich, taught artists how he paints such huge canvases.

All the SAA instructors have years of experience to pass along in a wonderful workshop setting. So here is the opportunity! It’s time to take a Workshop… get some more training… improve your skills… and push forward on your creative path.

So if you are serious about improving your ability to draw, sculpt, or paint birds & animals… this is the place to do it.

Join us in this magnificent workshop in the heart of Texas… May 21 - 26

Check it out right now.

Artists like us find great creative inspiration in the depiction of the birds & animals that share our planet. We are following in the very oldest artistic tradition in the world.

35,000 years ago Recent discoveries have found that early cave dwellers more than 35,000 years ago, were the very first artists to develop images like this. We can be proud to be a part of this amazing artistic tradition.

We hope you will come down to TexArt in May and allow us to help you sharpen your skills.

Renee Bemis / Executive Director of the Society of Animal Artists – Pam Dean Cable / Executive Director Susan Kathleen Black Foundation
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Society of Animal Artists and the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation


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