Beverly Mascoll the business beauty

It's a long journey of an unforgettable Angel who was willing to rise above ordinary but not for her. It was all for her community. It's the biography of Beverly Mascoll by Anhad Kaur.

Who is Beverly Mascoll?

  • Name: Beverly Mascoll
  • Birth name: Beverly Ash
  • Lifespan: 1942-2001
  • Birthplace : Fallriver (a town outside Halifax), Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Birth : October 29, 1942
  • Parents : Arthur Ash and Gwendoline Ash
  • Profession: Businesswoman and Philanthropist


Beverly's parents, Gwendoline and Arthur raised their children in the Ash house. Beverly was the only girl. Her grandmother, Martha Ash had a great influence on her. Beverly credited her grandmother to teach her valuable lessons in her life. She referred to these lessons later on in her life. In the early 50s, her family moved to the west in Toronto. People lovably called her Bev or sometimes Angel.

Her beautiful life was knocking at her door by now.

Professional life

After graduating high school in 1959, Bev wasted no time and entered the workforce. Bev’s first job was as a receptionist at the Toronto Barber and Beauty Supplies, becoming assistant to the President within just 6 months. While working, she quickly saw a major gap in the beauty industry- black hair-care products and beauty products. In 1970, she invested $700 to incorporate her own company named Mascoll Beauty Supply Pvt. Ltd. - Servicing an under served segment of population. Angel sold black hair-care products. Bev went to Chicago and convinced Johnson products, at that time, the biggest manufacturer of the black beauty products to make her their Canadian distributor. Along with the beauty seminars, fashion shows and hair shows, Bev also recognized other needs in the community.

The entrepreneur in her took flight.

Community service

Beverly’s biggest goal was community service. Like I’ve already told you that she recognized other needs in the community along with fashion shows, beauty seminars and hair shows. Her community involvement was as important to her as her business. From raising funds for hurricane victims in Jamaica to helping children who are infected with sickle cell anaemia, Bev showed her love and concern for the community. She established the Beverly Mascoll Community Foundation to assist youth, women and minorities. Bev was really active in the community. Once she said “I measure success in the fact of flexibility to help someone and make a difference.”

She had the power to change the world, to make a world full of joy and no sorrows.

Personal life

In 1964, Beverly married a fellow from Nova Scotia named Ammerson Mascoll who also shifted to Toronto.

Beverly and her son

In 1970, they had a son, Eldon. Her son was born in the same year when she incorporated her own business.

She was a good wife as well as a good mother.

Achievements and Honors

  • Incorporated her own company, Mascoll Beauty Supply Pvt. Ltd. , 1970
  • YWCA Women of Distinction Award, 1993
  • A school was named after her grandma, Martha Ash, 1993
  • Started the Beverly Mascoll Community Foundation, 1995
  • Became a Member of Order of Canada for outstanding entrepreneurship and assisting youth, 1998
  • Received an honorary Doctor of Laws from Ryerson University, 1999
  • Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Mount Saint Vincent University, 1999
  • Mascoll received several awards and acknowledgements for her contributions to the Canadian society
  • Received the Governor General’s Commemorative Medal
  • The Canadian Council of Christians and Jews Award
  • Harry Jerome Award for Achievement in Business.
  • Received Bachelor in Arts, 2000

She was a really successful women but she never took her success for granted.

Interesting facts

  • The school named after Angel’s grandma’s name is Ash Lee Jefferson School. It is named after Martha Jane Ash, Ada Lee and Selena Elizabeth Jefferson.
  • Angel died because of complications due to breast cancer in 2001.
  • Bev was only 59 years old when she died.
  • Bev was honored posthumously in Nova Scotia.
  • An obstacle in Angel’s life was that when she started her business, she also had a newborn child. So, it was difficult for her to take care of her child and run her business.

Time for the overview of the life of Beverly Mascoll.

Significance of Beverly Mascoll in business

When I grow up, I want to be a business woman. Beverly Mascoll had a great significance in business as she gave an amazing boost to the black beauty industry. Without her, the shares of a black beauty products company in Canada would be around 1 cent! Thanks to Bev who made efforts to gave a boost to the industry.

Why did I choose Beverly Mascoll

I chose Beverly Mascoll because I am interested in business and technology. She is an inspiration for all of us as she she was successful , both professionally and socially. She is a trailblazer.Before she left the world, she gave us a big message- Community service counts in your success. Her business was for community service too. She was very open minded and was largehearted. She tried to live her life in such a way that both her and her community are happy. She was a real angel. That’s why I chose Angel.

for your kind attention


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