English VI Second Semester


In this blog we are going to show everything we learn and how much fun we had during English VI with teacher Alvaro.

Favorite Topics
  1. Adverb Phrases
  2. Bartening
  3. Negative Prefixes
  4. Object complemets
  5. All vocabularies
  6. Password protected activities
  7. Zoom videos
  8. Animal shelter HW
Adverb phrases
We really enjoy this topic, because it was very useful to learn some daily english phrases to expand our vocabulary
We had a really great time when we wrote what we wanted to barter in post its and started bartening around the classroom and then putting the post.its in the whiteboard.
Negative Prefixes
Besides learning how ro use the negatives, we also learned some new and very usefull vocabulary
Object Complements
W e had a lot of fun doing the examples in class.
Password protected survey

Doing this ZOOM practice was very helpful for understanding the topic we were seeing, besides working together was very funny and we had a great time!!

The animal shelter essay we created with the grammar, and vocabulary we learned.
Least Favorite Topics
  1. Inversions
  2. Inversions with negatives
  3. Inversions with conditionals
  4. Conditionals



We love our class. The class was different from other because we thought that we were going to see the same things that we have been studying our whole lives.But it was nothing like that, we learned a lot of new stuff.We loved that every day was different from the other, we never got bored.We also did many fun activities, we watched movies, had a convivial, etc. But the best part of the semester was that we had an amazing teacher that knows how to explain everything and if we had any doubts he was willing to help us. Teacher Alvaro taught us new things that will increase our knowledge in this language. We would totally recommend taking classes with him.

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