Good And Faithful Stewards 21/22 November 2020 | Prayer & Praise Services | Rev BEnjamin Lee

Good And Faithful Stewards


Rev Benjamin Lee

Scripture Passage: Matthew 25:14-30 (NIV)


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Summary | Jesus talked about three servants who were given talents (money) to steward. One talent is possibly a thousand-day wages or six thousand-day wages of a man. To be given one talent is a lot of money and that showed the trust that the master had in them. With the resources and talents that God has given to us, how are we being good stewards?

The easy part of this parable is that we must be good stewards. The difficult part is why did the unfaithful steward hide the talent that was given to him? The first two servants knew what was expected of them. The third servant also knew, but he hid the talent rather than did something about it. Perhaps he was afraid, but why? He said in v24 that his master was a hard man who reaped where he did not sow. However, in v27, the master told the wicked and slothful servant that if he really thought he was a hard master, he should have put the talent with the banker so that there would be some interest but he did not and instead gave excuses. He portrayed the master wrongly when the master was generous to those who were faithful. Jesus used this parable as a reference to God being the master who owns all things on earth. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7-11, ask the heavenly Father and one will be given, seek and one will find, knock and the door will be opened. Our Father is not the hard task master who will make the servants afraid to invest the money. The other two servants would be more afraid because they were given more talents, but they trusted the master and did what was given to them. The unfaithful servant did not want to put in the hard work, he only thought of enjoying his life and totally ignored the purpose. Jesus spoke of The Last Judgement where those who did what is expected will be welcomed into eternal life; those who did not will go away into eternal punishment. In v30, we are told that the unfaithful servant was cast into a place of darkness where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth; there, he received eternal punishment.

Must we work for our Salvation? Salvation is by Faith alone. All who acknowledge Christ as Lord and Saviour will be saved. Jesus spoke to the disciples and believers on the Mount of Olives that they should be faithful servants who will invest what was entrusted to them. If they did their own thing, without caring about what God expected them to do, were they still His disciples?

Another question to ask would be – “Is Jesus still our Lord and Saviour?” If the master was no longer Lord over the servant’s life, then he will be thrown out because he was no longer within the household. It is a matter of heart and not of works. If the heart is right, then the works will follow. If our heart is right and we ask God to help us to be faithful, not by our own strength or might, but by His Holy Spirit, He will help us and empower us to be faithful servants. It does not matter whether we have much or little - God can use it greatly for His purposes.

William Borden was from a rich family, but he felt God called him to be a missionary. He gave up his comfortable life and set sail. While stopping in Egypt, he died of meningitis and never fulfilled his calling. He wrote six words in his Bible, “No Reserves, No Retreats and No Regrets”. These words have since inspired generations of missionaries. Borden was a faithful steward and God used him mightily through these six words.

What resources has God placed in your hands that you can steward them for His glory? Will you use the time God has given to you? Let us live our lives with no regrets.

(Sermon Notes by Honey Vreugdewater)


1. What has God given you that you need to be good stewards of?

2. How does "investing" what God has given you look like?

3. What might "excuses" look like for those who are not being good stewards?

4. What would you need to change in your life so that you can live with "no regrets"?