Lewis and Clark Expedition The Journey across America

Reasons for the Expedition

  • Main Goal- To make friendly contact with Indian Tribes, for trading reasons
  • Second Goal- To find a water route across North America
  • Third Goal- To find out what the U.S. had just bought through the Louisiana Purchase

Key Players in the Expedition

Thomas Jefferson- The President of the United States who ordered the Lewis and Clark expedition
Meriwether Lewis- Co-captain of the Lewis and Clark expedition, private secretary to President Jefferson
William Clark- Co-captain of the Lewis and Clark expedition, friend of Meriwether Lewis
York- A slave who worked for Clark, who fascinated the Indians
Sacagawea- A shoshone woman (with an infant) whom Lewis and Clark hoped would translate for them when they got to shoshone territory

Accomplishments of the Expedition

  • Lewis and Clark made peace with some of the Indian tribes they encountered (Shoshone, Nez Perce, etc)
  • Mapped a route to the Pacific ocean
  • Brought back information about the West

Plant and Animal Species Discovered on the Exepedition


178 plants discovered, specifically the Prickly Pear Cactus, Bigleaf Maple, and the Gumweed

This is the leaf of a Big Leaf Maple such as the one Lewis and Clark Discovered


122 animals discovered, specifically the Black-Tailed Prairie dog, Grizzly Bear, Harbor Seal, and the Harbor Rattlesnake

This is a Harbor Seal such as the one Lewis and Clark discovered

Hardships Faced Along the Expedition

  • Some Indian Tribes were hostile (Blackfeet Indians)
  • Difficult rowing because of waterfalls and rapids
  • Very hot, caused sunburn
  • The expedition had a lot of hard labor

Route Taken by Lewis and Clark

  • Start- Took the Missouri River from St. Louis (area camp), they made their way up the Missouri
  • Summer- Reached Indian country
  • Spring- Up the Missouri
  • Summer- Crossing the Rocky Mountains
  • Winter- Made it to the Pacific Ocean

Map of the Route Lewis and Clark took

Items Taken Along the Journey

  • Gifts- Beads, Bright cloth
  • People- 21 soldiers and 20 frountiersmen
  • Food- Corn, portable soup, seal blubber, hog's lard, horses, dogs, beaver, squirrel, prairie dog, buffalo, whale, eagle, and swan
Portable Soup as as the one Lewis and Clark used as food

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