Evelyn Trevino English 10 & 11

Summary of Induction Experience: My induction experience was positive and gave me feedback on how I could improve as a first year teacher. Now that I have finished my first year I have created a support system of teachers that I can count on for support and feedback. I also learned that even when things don't go as planned it it ok to reflect and do it again in a different way. Overall my mentor was extremely supportive and onboard with the growth in the classroom as a 21st century teacher.

Explanation of where you have grown the most: I have grown the most with my self confidence and passion for teaching. I am not even the same educator that I was during 1st semester. I have grown and learn to take and apply what you learn from others and incorporate it into your teaching. I have also learned that when you become passionate and excited about things in the classroom so do your students.

Personal Growth

Description of something new I tried: It has always been my dream since before I got hired to make my classroom look and feel like the pictures on Pinterest under flexible seating. I decided 2nd Semester after Spring break I would design my classroom to resemble a Starbucks. The idea behind this was to adjust the classroom to have comfortable seating, dim lighting, music, and smell good. I did all this but there was still something missing. I combined the idea of creating flexible seating stations in the classroom such as an independent work area, group collaboration area, and direct instruction area. This allowed my students to exercise choice in their learning environment while being engaged.

Direct Instruction Area
Classroom Redesign
Student success and achievement has increased since the incorporation of technology in the classroom. Students have even volunteered to attend JAG Rush and Jag Expo to showcase their skills and success with the Chrome Books and teach others.
Principal- "Evelyn, you are not even the same teacher that you were 1st semester. Your passion and confidence is shining through with your classroom redesign and lesson plans!"
My future goals...
  • Keep the students engaged through technology
  • Appeal to the students interests while using Common Core
  • Slow down and adjust lesson plans instead of rushing
  • Continue to learn and grown as a first year teacher


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