Otzi The Iceman's Corpse Has Been Found!! By: Armaan Arora

Who is Otzi the Iceman?

Ozti the Iceman? Who is he? Let me explain, Ozti, an frozen prehistoric man who lived about 3,300 BCE and scientists are still trying to find how Ozti had died. Ozti was found on the mountain border between Austria and Italy on September 1991 he was found by two hikers named Helmut and Erika Simon. There are 4 different theories about how Ozti had died and I going to tell you what theory I think is the most realistic and has the most evidence to support it. They are 4 theories of how Ozti the Iceman died.

Theories on how Otzi died:

Theory#1 is that Otzi the Iceman was stabbed while trying to protect himself from those you ambushed him. Two wounds to his right hand and wrist show he was stabbed while trying to defend himself with a dagger against an attacker. This is also the theory that I think has the most evidence that supports it and is the most believable for us as a community. Because in our community we believe only what we see it with our own eyes or the one that has the most evidence supporting it.This leads us to our second theory and that second theory is that he was probably in a fight in the remaining hours of his life. The Iceman could have died following violent hand-to-hand combat. Now, new tests on the body have revealed a deep wound on Otzi's right hand which, according to the findings was inflicted in the last few hours of the iceman's life.Quite possibly in a hand-to-hand combat.30% percent of the scientists believe that Ozti was a sacrifice to the gods. Scientists say that an arrow was embedded in the left shoulder. And that injury couldn't have happened by itself. But who did it, and why? That is the biggest question that scientists ask themselves before they prove their theory in front of our community. The last theory is that Iceman was killed by his own people. Scientists have spent a least decade investigating the remains of Otzi (The Iceman)Otzi's body was discovered by hikers in the glacier high in 1991.He was initially thought to be a modern climber because there were a lot of tools like bows and arrows(including the one that was found on him)and many more tools like that,until an ax and a quiver of arrows were found nearby and that could only mean that the people that Otzi was with or the people knew him killed him.

This is some of the tools that Otzi might have used in battle and overall just to survive in his period of time.

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