Accounting Services for Business What Is Offered?

Serving Businesses

For most business owners, the majority (if not all) of time is committed to providing the best goods/services that make the business run. This leaves little time left for learning how to expertly manage the business' finances as well. As a start-up, small, or mid-size business, getting setup accurately is essential to rely on financial statements for making business decisions.

There are several services a business owner can use to manage their finances.

The Benefits

Improve Collections

  • Decrease late fees
  • Decrease interest fees
  • Increase collection rates
  • Decrease time spent on collections

Get Profitable

  • Increase profit margin
  • Increase growth rate
  • Unlock extra funds for business growth

Maximize Cash

  • Free-up expenses annually
  • Less money spent on CPA for taxes
  • Make better cash decisions with reports insights

Save Time

  • Same tasks done but 3-4x faster by an expert
  • No time waisted on training someone (or yourself)
  • Free-up time to focus on other things...like running your business

What is offered?

Some popular services provided by bookkeeping and accounting firms include accounts receivable, accounts payable, bookkeeping, credit sales reconciliation, monthly financial reports preparation, and tax preparation. Additional services may include payroll, bank account reconciliation, credit card statement reconciliation.

For those limited on time, partnering with an external accounting service provider is an ideal solution. Get all of the following done with SnapLedgers services:

Accounting SERVICES

TAX PREPARATION - Dedicated associate prepares and files income taxes, sales taxes, and year-end tax returns for individuals or businesses. Having them done by a professional can help save time and ensure it is done right. This allows for peace of mind with tax reporting rules, deadlines for sales tax, payroll tax, 1099, income taxes, and more.

BOOKKEEPING - Dedicated associate records a business' financial transactions to ensure proper financial statements and reconcile your accounts with Quickbooks Online. The Certified Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor also makes sure that all monthly expenses are being deducted.

DOCUMENT RETENTION - Dedicated associate safely and permanently retain business supporting documents and transaction history using ScanSnap and Hubdoc applications. The docuemnts are securely retained digitally and can be easily accessed when needed.

PAYROLL PROCESSING - Dedicated associate properly pays employees and contractors utilizing tools such as Gusto for a seamless experience. These services manage the payroll process, submit withholdings, and pay state and federal payroll taxes.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - Dedicated associate ensures that bills are paid on time in a secure and confidential manner. Minimize mistakes like missing a payment or paying a bill twice. Common accounts payable services include bill sorting & organization and making payments.

ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE - Dedicated professional to create and submit invoices to customers and vendors using Quickbooks Online tool. These services will help in getting paid faster, boost collection rates, and ensure timely invoice processing.

ACCOUNT RECONCILIATION - Dedicated associate makes sure that all financial transactions are recorded in the books for bank accounts, credit cards, and credit sales. An added benefit is to be alerted of potential fraudulent activity noticed.

ROUTINE Financial Reporting

INCOME STATEMENT - Summarizes the historical result's of a business' revenue and expenses, Often referred to as a Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement. It helps to see how much was earned and spent in a specific period to help plan annual budgets, sales projections, and determine which areas are over/under budget.

CASH FLOW STATEMENT - Tracks what is coming in and out of a business through operating, investing, and financing activities during a specific period. This report removes non-cash transactions. It provides information about a business' sources and uses of cash to understand the financial trends of a business.

BALANCE SHEET - Portrays the financial standing of a business at a point in time, showing what is owned and what is owed. This financial report summarizes a company's assets, liabilities, and shareholder's equity at a specific point in time. It can be a valuable tool in evaluating financial performance and making financial business decisions.

Financial Controller SERVICES

A controller acts as an overseer of a company's financial health. The role is responsible for accounting-related activities like assisting with the preparation of operating budgets, overseeing financial reporting, and doing the payroll process. This service varies and can include many tasks but is customizable based on the needs of any specific business. Smaller companies can benefit from this versatility of the controller. Responsibilities can include:

  • Prepare budgets
  • Manage budget schedules
  • Collect financial data
  • Analyze financial data
  • Consolidate financial data
  • Monitor budget variances
  • Summarize trends
  • Investigate budget deficiencies
  • Monitor future legislation that impacts taxation and operations
  • Recruiting, selection, and/or training of financial department staff

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