Green Meadows Farm Social Story League education & treatment center

We’re going to the farm! The Green Meadows Farm.

First We will have breakfast.
And we'll go to the bathroom.
Then we will put on our orange t-shirts.
We will not be riding on a small bus.
We will be riding on a big bus.
It will be different, but that’s OK.
There will be some mommies and daddies coming to the farm with us.
On the bus ride, I can read a book.
Or I can look out the Bus window.
When we get to the farm, we will walk around and visit all the animals there.
We will be able to touch some of the animals.

Some of them will be fluffy.

And some of them will be very soft.

We will be very careful and touch the animals gently.
Some Of The Animals Will Be Hungry. We Might Be Able To Feed Them.

We might be able to milk a cow. We might hear her say …

We might see some goats. They will have beards and horns.
We might see some chickens. We might hear them clucking.
We might see some sheep. They will be wooly with curly hair.
We might see some pigs. We might hear them say “oink.”
We might see some rabbits. We will watch them hop.
We will be able to ride a pony, just like a cowboy.

And we will take a ride in a big, big wagon.

This is called a hay ride.

We will have to sit down and hold on tight.

We will be able to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch.
We will have lunch.
We will need to go to the bathroom.
Then we will ride back to school on the big school bus.

I can’t wait to go to the farm!

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