the in-between Pius XI Catholic High School 2020

A few weeks ago, we discovered a surprise outside the front entrance of Pius XI, tucked into the path of memorial bricks….

A sobering reminder of the effect of social distancing on our students.

Think back to when you were a teenager. What are your most vivid memories of high school? Laughter in the union? Cheering in the stands at football games? Acting in a play? Teachers who took extra time outside of class to help you?

I imagine the things you remember most are the in-between moments.

The bricks are a given—rigorous curriculum, exceptional teachers, and resources to extend and support learning. The strength of a brick and mortar school like Pius XI is the mortar - the “stuff” that fills the spaces in between the bricks…

A COMMUNITY of caring where everyone belongs. FAITH in action. EQUITY. RESPECT. SAFETY. DIVERSITY in all its forms. A FAMILY.

“You never know how much you miss being in school…”

Our Popes belong together. They thrive together. They become who they were uniquely meant to be TOGETHER.

Our students don’t feel isolated from their education, they are isolated from the joy, day-to-day support and celebrations, from the in-between moments that have shaped the experience of 29,000 alumni. A house made of bricks (with a foundation in Christ) is strong, and we will continue to offer the same education, compassion, support, encouragement, humor, and prayer while our students are at home. But we eagerly await the day when we can be together again.

To the student who left the message outside our building:

You didn’t leave your name, but we’re pretty sure we know who you are because we KNOW you. We know each of our students because we are a family— not just a school. And we miss you too.

If you are able, I hope you will contribute to the strength of Pius XI Catholic High School-

• To support the financial aid awards needed by 94% of students and ensure every student remains in our community;

• To uplift the academic and co-curricular programs that ignite the passions of our students;

• To foster our campus ministry programs that infuse Christ’s love into all that we do;

• To grow our Pope’s fund, the flexible support used where the need is greatest, and the needs are great today.

We were founded during the Great Depression and have weathered the adversity of wars and loss, and economic downturns because of the generosity and care of our greater community. Thank you!

Pius XI was founded in 1929 and accredited in 1937. This first graduating class from 1937.