Epic Hero Traits Project BY: Ricky garza

The hero I chose was Spider-Man

To me a hero should be intelligent, have a purpose, and be responsible.

How does Odysseus show these traits?

  • Odysseus is intellitgent because he always finds a way out of a bad situation. An example is when he outsmarted the cyclops by telling him his name was nobody.
  • His purpose¬†is to return back to him family and kingdom. He was blown off corse and has to do whatever he can to return back to him family and kingdom.
  • Odysseus is responsible¬†because he enlisted himself in the war to fight the Trojans.

How does Spider-Man show these traits?

  • Spider-Man is intelligent because he made everything he uses as a hero himself.
  • Spider-Man's purpose is that his uncle Ben was shot so he looks for the man that killed his uncle while fighting crime.
  • He is responsible because he manages to go to school &Abe a hero at the same time.

Odysseus &a Spider-Man are similar because they are both very smart and clever. In today's society heros are just normal people doing good & helpful things. I don't think that heros in Greece played the same role because heroes in Greece did things for reputation, and to make themselves look good. Heros have affected my life by showing me that if someone is in need I should help them because it's the right thing to do.

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