North Korea: Further Exploration Ms. Manalang's World History Class

We've been previewing the life in North Korea based off two different types of media (ABC News and Vice). Although many of you are quick to say "Brainwashed" we need to explore life in North Korea a bit more.

Please watch the video above for a quick review about the Kim Family. Use your four fold notes and use the backside of your sheet if needed to take additional notes from the following articles and videos.

Next, read the following article about North Korea and Kim Jong Un's nuclear weapons plan (click the link below).

Before watching the other videos, finish up the next video in the Vice Series

Vice: Inside North Korea (Part 3/3)

Next, here are some videos talking about escaping from North Korea. Please select two videos and take notes on the videos. You will be doing an inclass writing about them tomorrow, 5/10/16.

My Escape from North Korea | Hyeonseo Lee | TED Talks

Escaping From a North Korean Concentration Camp: VICE Meets Kim Hye-sook

Escape from North Korea: Shopping for Defectors (VICE on HBO Ep. #2 Extended)

Escape from North Korea: Hanawon Resettlement Center (VICE on HBO Ep. #2 Extended)

North Korea Arirang Mass Games

Things to consider for your written response: We see all the bad stuff, but is it possible to have a good life if you following the rules of the government in charge? Do you think media paints North Korea in a bad light? Is freedom the most important right you can give your citizens? Is it hard for you to imagine a strict life like this because of all the freedoms you have in your own life?


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