2019 a year of my favourite images and stories

In 2019 I travelled through over 15 countries and I finally got to visit the beautiful Sub-Antarctic Island territories of France

Flights taken - 54

Helicopter flights - 15

Light plane scenic flights - 1

Countries visited - Ethiopia, Germany, Italy (twice), Nigeria, Ghana, Netherlands, France (including Reunion), Angola, South Africa (twice), Namibia, Singapore, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Dubai Mauritius, French Indian Ocean Islands (Tromelin, Crozet Archipelago, Kerguelen, St Paul and Amsterdam Island)

Exhibited work in: New York (USA), Desenzano Del Garda (Italy), Yunnan (China), Paris (France) and Birmingham (UK)

This year I tried my best to move gently through the world.



Portrait of Babuku surrounded by the bracelets of his mother and aunties

My year started off with leading the Wild Images expedition to remote Ethiopia. We travelled through some of the known haunts of the tourist side of the Omo Valley but we also went off the beaten track in the Ilemi triangle, close to the border of Sudan. It was the adventure of a lifetime for our group and met so many AMAZING PEOPLE!

Some of my favourite Omo Valley faces
Portrait of an elderly Mursi lady with her iconic lip disk
A Suri woman carries the horn of a large Waterbuck and also slings her baby across her back.
Beautiful Arbore girls with their incredible jewellery
Portrait of a Nyangatom woman in the Ilemi Triangle of southern Ethiopia
Smiling Arbore girls in front of one of their amazing huts
More beautiful Omo Valley faces
A beautiful Suri girl



The incredible Picathartes of the forests of Ghana

Mark and I went on a birding tour to Ghana where the highlight was seeing one of Africa's most unusual birds, the Picathartes. It was one of my most desired animals to see in Africa. Needless to say I wasn't disappointed! They are fantastic!



A drone's eye view of Tombwa fishing village in remote southern Angola

In May I went solo to remote southern Angola to explore some of the country's most beautiful and rare tribal people. Although I was there in extreme drought, I walked with nomads, found myself in a livestock rustling situation and I met some of the friendliest people I've ever met in southern Africa!

Portraits of lovely Mumwila women and the family of Mucubal nomads I walked with for two days.
Walking with Mucubal nomad children was a trip highlight for me!
Sharing stories around the campfire with me at dusk.
Muhimba women walk back from their well in remote southern Angola
On this trip I learned to recognise the difference between Muhimba and Vatwa people. I also met some regal headmen like Yonguera (bottom right) who were guiding their people through one of the worst droughts in Angolan history. They were so brave!
Beautiful Tchikacha, a Muhimba girl with very long Ozondatu braids!
Scenes from the fishing villages and saltworks of coastal Angola
Drone view of the incredible Curoca National Park in southern Angola
Scenes from the south - Curoca National Park, Tchitundu Hulu rock art and a Mucubal village near Virei
Portraits of stunning Mukwana women in Oncocua
This Mukwana girl was beautiful beyond words



Our first holiday in five years and we spent it searching for the elusive Aardvark in South Africa!
Scenes and wildlife from the Galapagos



A group of Oryx on the dunes of Sossusvlei

At the end of August I lead the Wild Images Photo Expedition in Namibia. Although the drought in Namibia made for a trying trip in terms of dust and meeting the Himba people, we had a fantastic group who caught some incredible moments in this beautiful country

Some of our wild encounters!
Some of my favourite aerial shots from the trip!
Beautiful Himba girls in Kaokoland
I miss the warm, friendly people of Namibia!



I took a brief trip to Australia to see my family before I continued with my travels

Drone view of Saltwater Crocodiles on the Mowbray River, North Queensland




Rodrigues Fody
Some of the avian highlights of Mauritius, Round Island, Rodrigues and Ile Aux Egrettes
Portrait of a Mauritius Kestrel
Mauritius Day Gecko


Navel gazing - Tourists explore a plug inside the crater of Piton de la Fornaise on Reunion
Beautiful Reunion and its wildlife
And more gorgeous Day Geckos!


The stark and dramatic Ile ou Pinguin in the Crozet Archipelago
Crozets Birdlife


A young Elephant Seal braces itself in a crashing wave on Kerguelen
Kerguelen's wildlife and scenery is breathtaking


Portrait of a Sub-Antarctic Fur Seal Pup
The wild, remote islands of Amsterdam and St Paul in the Indian Ocean


Inger Vandyke