Superfoods, Super Bad the marketing ploy

Superfoods popularity are on the rise, but so are their cost. Since the title of superfoods had been placed on various fruits and vegetables, the consumption of the various produce has doubled. The prices have doubled (at least) for many superfoods, as well. Marketers are exploiting the title of superfoods and creating a marketing ploy.
Since the rise in cost of superfoods, many people will overspend trying to become "healthier." Companies, using the marketing ploy, will say that consumers need to eat certain fruits that were not popular before, such as goji berries, because of their health benefits. The companies only care that they can increase the amount of money they make. A consumer could eat a regular, non-superfood and have similar benefits.

Consumers will overlook cheaper alternative fruits and vegetables with similar benefits to superfoods. Pumpkins, gourds, and pumpkin seed are very nutritious and cheap! Finding alternatives to pricey superfoods will save the consumer money, and allow people with lower incomes to have a healthy diet.

Though the prices and the sales have doubled, the scientific proof of superfoods' claims remain constant.

Many companies will not invest in research to further the knowledge on superfoods. Companies continue to make outrageous claims about the benefits of superfoods. People will still believe the claims and buy products that contain a superfood, like chia seed pudding or acai bowls. The prepared foods can cost around eight dollars; for the same price a consumer can buy many bananas to make banana ice cream, and still have a healthy breakfast.

by: Rachel Lewis


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