Chaos 3.29.17

Come to youth group tonight as we continue talking bout the Seven Places from which Jesus shed His blood for us...this week we're talking about His feet.

Plus, we're playing a ridiculous new game called "Chicken Scream." Winner gets a gift card!


  • Teen Account opportunity #1-- This Friday (March 31), 5pm to 9pm sell concessions at Indy First's concert. The first 5 to let Pastor Cam know get the opportunity to make appx $ 317-897-7700 to volunteer!
  • Teen Account opportunity #2-- Sunday April 30th, Teen Pie Auction. 4:30pm-8:30pm. Anyone can volunteer to serve at the Pie could make appx $70!
  • Graduation Sunday--May 21st, Sunday night from 5-7:30pm...all seniors who wish to participate need to let the church office know! 317-897-7700


Created with images by Taliesi - "feet in the water feet water" • J42K - "Chicken"

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