World War II The IDEOLOGY War

Red: Axis Green: Allies

What was World War II?

World War II was the largest conflict to ever happen in the world, costing over 60 millions deaths. This war was a war between Democracy, Fascism, and Communism. The 3 major Ideologies at the time. This war was sparked by the event's of World War I, but how?

Helmet of the German Soilders


Fascism is the nationalist ideology that the state comes before the people and that certain races and cultures are superior than others.
This started in Italy for an ironically funny reason. Italy fought with the allies in World War I, however they fought expecting to gain Austrian-Hungarian land. At the peace conference they were denied and the states of Austria-Hungary were liberated instead. As most of the other allies got something they wanted and Italy received virtually nothing they were outraged. Benito Mussolini, a veteran of World War I and his what was called the "Black Shirt Revolution" marched on Rome and took over the government with the idea they were going to conquer those Austrian-Hungarian lands and make Italy great again.
Next you have Nazi Germany. After the crushing defeat they suffered in World War I and being forced to pay for most of the damages Germany was weak. Adolf Hitler, a World War I veteran was given a secret mission to join the National Socialist of Germany, a Fascist political group who planned on taking back Germany. Hitler went from double agent to proud leader. It took 2 attempts but Hitler and the Nazi's took over the Wiemar Republik and made their 3rd Reich. Nazism is a form of Fascism based on the idea that German's are the superior race.
Lastly you have Imperial Japan. This wasn't exactly Fascism, it was called Imperialism which is the idea that nations with more power have the right to take over lesser nations. They were led by Emperor Hirohito. After westernizing Japan started non-stop conquering.
American soldiers advancing on the enemy (Colorized)


Democracy is the ideology following the idea that the people of the government should affect the government. Ancient Greece is the home of Democracy and back then the people all voted on everything. Eventually it became more Republic based where the people would elect a leader who makes the choices for them.
First we have France. France was a fairly unstable government at the time with leader Charles de Gaulle and was having a huge growth in outside influences such as Communism. After being conquered by Germany, the government of mainland France (called Vichy France) was released by Germany with a government much like their own. Meanwhile French colonies claimed to be the true government of France and kept fighting with the Allies.
Great Britain is next. They had a stable government with a very conservative leader, Winston Churchill. He was born into a highly political family. After a mistake as a general in World War 1 he took a political break. However upon realize Hitler was coming to power and the Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain not attempting to stop him he decided to build his political base and run for Prime Minster. He earned his goal and led the country towards war production and fought back against the German machine.
China was a part of this war of this too. While not a major fighter, China was a big part of the fighting in the beginning. Chiang Kai-shek led the Chinese at this time. However they were dealing with a large rebellion that called itself the PRC, or People's Republic of China. They were a communist coup led my chairman Mao Zedong. During this they were invaded by Japan and this can be considered the first major fighting of the war.
Lastly, the U.S.A. Murica' was first led by Woodrow Wilson, who led them through World War 1. However Franklin Delano Roosevelt rose to power. He was a very powerful speaker who knew how to make tough decisions. He was in a wheelchair due to Polio, however calling him weak would have been a bad choice. He brought us out of the Great Depression and out of our Isolationism into the war, which if we had not joined Germany may have beat everyone else first and focused on us. We are seen as the heroes of the war to many.
Hammer and Sickle: the emblem for Communism


Communism was the ideology that every person in a state should work for the government and receive equal pay from the government. Leaders were dictators and had full control of the country, even the industry.
The U.S.S.R. was the confederation of all the soviet states in Eastern Europe and Asia. Led by Stalin and his Iron Fist the made the largest army the world has ever seen. Communism became a threat to Democracy over time but in this war the only people attacked by the red army was Germany.
German soldiers defending a railway
World War II was large conflict that took many. But in the end, the perseverance of the Allies to protect Freedom and U.S.S.R.'s quest for revenge led to the end of the evils we faced.


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