Cochrane Public School News December, 2016

Ooka Island

Our Primary teachers have launched a new reading app in their classrooms called "Ooka Island". This app supplements our existing reading programs and judging by the engagement and excitement, students are enjoying this interactive reading experience. Find out more about Ooka Island here:

Using Ooka Island in the Reading Centre

A Rock n' Roll Christmas

Mrs. Desormeau's ELKP class learned how an electric guitar works in preparation for their Christmas concert song. Every student had a chance to play this instrument and we look forward to watching their performance on December 14. It should be exciting!

Levi enjoyed his turn!
Electric guitars are loud!

Tucker the Turtle

Students in our Junior Kindergarten and Gr. 1 classes recently finished the "Tucker the Turtle Program" with our Child and Youth Worker, Lana Kershaw. Tucker the Turtle is a social emotional program where students are learn how to handle their anger and impulse in conflict situations.

Mme. Demers/Mme. Charron's' ELKP class with their certificates.
Mme. Penney/Mlle. Benson's ELKP class with their certificates.
Mme. Desormeau/Mme. Girard's class with their certificates.

Bringing stories to life!

Mme. Sylvestre's Gr. 3 FI students learned about all of the stages in puttting together a dramatic presentation! All of the students participated in a performance of "Les trots petits cochons". Bravo!

Building a Teepee in Mrs. Beaupre's Class!

Students in Mrs. Beaupre's class worked together to put together a teepee in their classroom. Using various materials, the students look forward to using this space to calm and relax their bodies so that learning is maximized.

Dance Performance

Kristen Berthiaume and Emma Wiseman have a passion for dance and through an Independent Learning course at the highschool, decided to focus their learning project in this area. Kristen and Emma have been putting on weekly dance workshops for students at our school. At the October awards assembly, their 7/8 dance club put on a performance. Emma and Kristen will work with the 3-6 group as well. Students are really enjoying this opportunity!

Aboriginal Youth Liason Officer Visit

Desmond O'Connor, Aboriginal Youth Liason Officer (AYLO), recently visited Mrs. Desormeau's ELKP class to explain a little about the Medicine Wheel.

Math with Dr. Julie Comay

Our teachers are constantly reflecting on and refining their teaching practices. Our K-1 teachers are working with Dr. Julie Comay to learn about the importance of spatial reasoning in Math concept development. Dr. Comay recently modelled a Math lesson for the teachers in Mme. Cheff's Gr. 1 FI class that used directional language to find a mystery zoo animal on a grid. The students enjoyed the challenge of writing "code" for each other and then giving these puzzles to their peers to solve!

Learning about grids!
"Let's see if Mme. Cheff can figure out our mystery zoo animal!"
Writing code.

Perfect Attendance in November!

Science North Visit

In Early November, a scientist from Sudbury's Science North visited our school. While some of our classes had the opportunity to participate in workshops, all students from Gr. 1-6 were treated to a Science show at the end of the day.

Mr. Henderson's class were able to play a video game after learning about circuitry and power sources.
Field trip with some of our Gr. 7/8 friends!
We made a forest playground!
Observed a natural spring.
We made a tool out of natural materials!
We learned about outdoor survival and created a shelter for Mr. Martin. He even slept in it for one night!
Outdoor Read Aloud
Bone Study

Project Time in Mlle. Charlebois' Gr. 2FI

Investigate! Explore! Discuss! In Mlle. Charlebois' Gr. 2 class, students look forward to "Project Time". During this time, students have an opportunity to use various materials to embark on personal or small group projects that are interest based.

Building Pokemons: Austin and Nolan were excited to design Pokemons using the book they had as research.
Kohen, Kai and EJ were proud to showcase what they've been working on together during project time.
Mason, Evelyn, Gavin and Tristan were working together during project time to create a town with bridges, roads and houses.
Nate created a chef hat using Legos during project time. He was proud to show off his design!
Michielle has been working hard to move up levels in Math Prodigy. She was proud to show that she answered a question about patterning correctly!
Sarah and Rosinah were having fun designing a city that showcased a river, a bridge, houses and fences!
Nolan was excited to show the class some of the Pokemons he recreated using blocks.

Gr. 6 Math Investigation

Mrs. Wiseman's class wondered how much paper was saved by using iPads in the classroom so they decided to figure it out! This pair of students determined that one class would save 65, 520 pieces of paper by using a device!

Using real life questions such as this one is common-place during a typical Math classroom today. Instead of a teacher telling students how to solve a problem, students are expected to use their knowledge, understanding and skills to work out a problem with each other or independently. Questions come out of real life wonderings and are much more engaging to students if they have a genuine interest in the problem. Does it make sense? Can you explain your thinking to others? Are you able to apply different math concepts and show understanding? There is a lot of Math happening using inquiry questions!

Nic explained that this number represents the entire school using an iPad over paper! That's a lot of trees saved!

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