Be calm and just ratify the constitution! Linnzi dewey

States should ratify the constitution, because 1) It shows that we are united as a whole. 2) It would make our government stronger. 3) If our country is in a war it would make our army bigger.
If all the states are united it helps with voting on the same things and also if a war starts to happen and we only have a certain amount of states it would be harder to fight, because we have only certain amount of people which would make a bigger army. It would also make our government stronger, because we would have more representatives from each state and that also would help with voting.
That is why we should ratify our constitution for all the states.
All my information is from chapter 8, section 12 and my pictures are from google images.
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Linnzi Dewey


Created with images by DonkeyHotey - "U.S. Constitution - Illustration"

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