TikTok inspires new quarantine activity: making "Whipped Coffee" Chelsea strober '21

All photos by Chelsea Strober '21

While social distancing is necessary in order to flatten the curve of COVID-19, it has definitely taken a toll on many people's daily lives and routines. One big change is the fact that going out to eat is no longer an option, and some people cannot even risk picking up food from restaurants. Unfortunately for coffee-drinkers who are used to getting specialty drinks each morning from Dunkin', Starbucks or their favorite local cafe, they are now stuck at home to make coffee on their own. However, thanks to the app TikTok, a new and very easy-to-make coffee trend has gone viral: Whipped coffee.

The recipe includes just 4 ingredients, and most of them are probably already sitting in your pantry. You will need instant coffee, sugar, any type of milk, and hot water.

To get started, add two tablespoons of instant coffee and two tablespoons of sugar into small bowl.

Then, add two tablespoons of hot water

Once all three ingredients are in, start whisking. You can use an electric whisk or do it by hand.

Continue to whisk for a few minutes, until it becomes light and fluffy.

When you are done mixing, fill a cup with ice...

And pour in your desired milk.

Now, use a spoon to transfer the whipped coffee from the bowl to the cup.

Mix it all together, and there you have it: Whipped coffee, courtesy of TikTok. Enjoy!