Psychodynamic Idea that the concscious mind is important as well and we are not just motivAted by sex and agGression. Childhood is very important as well.

One of the concepts of Psychodynamic is Real Self vs. Ideal Self is a idea of how we all perceive ourself. We always feel like we could look better, especially in the physical aspect. One of my biggest problems is I always think I could look better. Sometimes I feel like i could look better than I do know and I sometimes look to change that in myself
Adler came up with the concept of Inferiority complex. What this is is that our adult personality is making up for feeling inferior as a kid. As a child, my parents were very strict with me and somewhat made me feel like I'll never be able to grow up. I acted purely out of emotion with no regard for the consequences of my actions because of this. I am somewhat like this today as a young adult because I was often told what to do as a child, with very limited freedom.

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