EYFS Remote Education Expectations and parental support

What does home learning/provision look like in EYFS?

  • Accelerated learning cycle
  • Accessible learning with learning through play to support this (examples on slide below)
  • High expectations
  • Clear modelling and addressing misconceptions (parents and children)
  • Parent phonics work shops
  • Resources provided to EYFS to support home learning
  • Extra curricular activities to support other areas of learning e.g. crafts, PSE and C&L starter to encourage communication and language
  • Hooks into learning, linked with school.
  • Learning through context
  • LO and SC accessible for children
  • Extra challenges
  • Phonics assessments with 1-1 children which will follow with 1-1 targeted support on teams and in school.
  • Marking and feedback on Seesaw and through phone calls
  • Well being checks with parents and children
  • High focus on PSE throughout in line with Recovery Curriculum

Extra activities and challenges added to Seesaw...

Supporting parents through online teaching...

  • Weekly phone call check ins.
  • Available through Seesaw for questions
  • Modelling through each sessions
  • Teams phonics parent workshop
  • Recommendation of websites such as: Phonics play, phonics bloom, top marks, oxford owl, bbc bitesize, cosmic kids yoga, dough disco on youtube.